Watch: If Pixar Made a Movie for Adults, It'd Look Like This

Watch: If Pixar Made a Movie for Adults, It'd Look Like This

Oct 17, 2016

Pixar movies aren't necessarily kids' movies, but they do all cater to audiences of all ages, so they have to be appropriate for children in particular. Animated films that are just for grown ups are rare, though not impossible to find (see this year's hit Sausage Party). If only the animation for adults looked and felt like Pixar, though, right?

Well, now one does.

Borrowed Time is a six-minute gem from co-directors Andrew Coats, who worked as an animator on Inside OutBrave and Cars 2 (as well as Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs), and Lou Hamou-Lhadj, a "character modeler and articulation artist" for BraveWall-EToy Story 3 and The Good Dinosaur. It's a Western and a bit too bloody and violent for the young ones.

After spending the past year on the festival circuit, the short is now available online. It also could wind up on the Oscar shortlist when that's announced next month. Borrowed Time won the grand jury award for best animated short at the Nashville Film Festival in April, and the honor qualified it for an Academy Award nomination. But it definitely faces some serious competition in Pixar's own Piper.

Watch the short film in full here: 


Coats and Hamou-Lladj got a lot of their friends at Pixar to help out, it seems, even for the voice work. It definitely looks like one, almost to the point that the first time you see the sheriff character you're sure to think of it as Woody as an old man (as if toys could age). In the supplement video below, that must be watched after viewing the short, the filmmakers discuss why they made it:




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