Hosting a Halloween Party? Try Boris "Frankenstein" Karloff's Terrifyingly Tasty Guacamole Recipe

Hosting a Halloween Party? Try Boris "Frankenstein" Karloff's Terrifyingly Tasty Guacamole Recipe

Oct 31, 2013

Happy Halloween! For the rest of today we'll be celebrating one of our favorite holidays by posting the sorts of things that make sense for this gloriously spook-ified day. Some new, some old, but all of it worth checking out. 

FrankensteinBoris Karloff spent his career playing monsters and headlining horror flicks, but even the most ghastly beasts have to eat. So when the man who played Frankenstein's monster sat down for some grub, he often had a hankering for Mexican food...
When a newspaper asked the actor for a recipe, he didn't offer up something that had to be cooked in a boiling cauldron or that needed spooky sounding ingredients (or cadaver parts). No, when pressed for a dish that would delight readers's tastebuds, Karloff offered up his special guacamole. Who'd have guessed?
It turns out that Karloff was a bit of a foodie back in the days before being a foodie was a thing -- and his recipe for the popular avocado sauce sounds pretty great. If you're hosting a Halloween party tonight, maybe you can toss this out alongside the Ladyfingers and candy corn. When your guests ask what on earth guacamole could have to do with Halloween, tell them that none other than Frankenstein's Monster himself gave you this recipe. Now we're curious as to what Bela Lugosi would have brought to a horror-themed potluck...
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