Boogie Fever: Two P.T. Anderson Favorites Come to Blu-ray

Boogie Fever: Two P.T. Anderson Favorites Come to Blu-ray

Sep 22, 2009

Blu-ray Bob has heard some movie fans whose tastes lean in the indie-film direction complain about the BD titles out there that clearly favor blockbuster collectors. If David Lynch is your personal Jesus or Sofia Coppola really does it for you, then upgrading your player to check out Transformers, Iron Man or G.I. Joe might be as useful as an umbrella is in L.A. Still, more and more esoteric, dramatic films by celebrated auteurs are finding their way to Blu-ray.

Magnolia, one of director Paul Thomas Anderson’s most talked-about films, makes its BD debut on January 19. The slice-of-life drama that follows a group of seemingly unrelated people in a single day boasts one of Tom Cruise’s best performances and an unforgettable scene in a pharmacy with Julianne Moore (Philip Seymour Hoffman, William Macy and John Reilly round out the stellar ensemble). Special features include a video diary, Frank T.J. Mackey Seminar (featuring Tom Cruise back when people laughed at his funny performance instead of his funny behavior), “Seduce and Destroy” infomercial, two Aimee Mann music videos and more.

What’s even better news is that Anderson’s Boogie Nights will get a BD release in early 2010 as well. Are you ready for Amber Waves and Rollergirl in high definition? We sure are, but the jury is still out about seeing Burt Reynolds and his hair plugs in 1080p.

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