Maybe Might Possibly: New James Bond Title, 'Tron 3' and Anne Hathaway for 'Les Miserables'

Maybe Might Possibly: New James Bond Title, 'Tron 3' and Anne Hathaway for 'Les Miserables'

Aug 30, 2011

Now that cast wishlists and the like have become a popular form of news, we wanted to create one place that houses all that stuff. Maybe Might Possibly is a new feature here at where we'll collect all the potential casting reports/movie rumors floating around online and put them in one safe place.

-- Does the new James Bond film finally have a title? Maybe. Possibly. A few different rumors have lead to folks thinking the title of the new James Bond movie is Carte Blanche. Firstly, a Serbian paper called Blic claims cellist Jelena Mihailovic will write the opening score for Bond 23, due out next November. They're the first to claim the title of the film is Carte Blanche. Next up, we have the title of the new Bond book that just arrived in June, and it's also called Carte Blanche. Additionally, the book opens with a giant train sequence, and it's rumored that the film will also involve a giant train sequence. Do all the pieces add up to a title? Maybe. Possibly. We'll see. [Bleeding Cool]

-- We've been hearing little bits and pieces about the next Tron movie arriving some time in the next couple years, but Disney has been quiet on that front, aside from releasing marketing materials for the upcoming animated series Tron: Uprising that will act as a bridge between the first and second movies. Tron 3 was not present at this year's D23 conference, and up until this point the film does not have a title or a release date. Is Disney playing coy while they secretly plan production, or are they still questioning whether this could become a big, successful franchise for them? Well, if you ask co-star Bruce Boxleitner, he seems to think Tron 3 is a done deal, and will be out in 2013. Check out the video below. [AICN]

-- We already know that The King's Speech director Tom Hooper is staging yet another big-screen adaptation of Les Miserables, only this time it has some star power behind it. Hugh Jackman (Jean Valjean) and Russell Crowe (Inspector Javert) are lined up for roles, with all sorts of other names in the mix, like King's Speech co-stars Helena Bonham Carter and Geoffrey Rush for the Thenardiers, as well as actresses like Amy Adams and Rebecca Hall eying the role of Fantine. Additionally, Broadway World claims Jackman is urging Anne Hathaway to take on the role of Fantine, too, claiming she's "set to take on the role." No official announcement has been made as of yet. [The Playlist]


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