Dan Aykroyd Thinks We Want a 'Blues Brothers' TV Series

Dan Aykroyd Thinks We Want a 'Blues Brothers' TV Series

Aug 31, 2011

As if it wasn't tacky enough when Dan Aykroyd threw John Belushi's old suit onto John Goodman for a truly misguided Blues Brothers sequel* in 1998, it now looks like the kooky Canadian wants to turn the iconic characters into something akin to the Glee club. Say it ain't so, Danny. ( * Yes, it has some great music in it. Too bad a movie needs a lot more than music. This is a terrible sequel.)

The report comes from Variety, and the story is this: Dan Aykroyd and Judy Belushi (John Belushi's ex-wife) own the TV rights to the Jake and Elwood characters, and their plan is to re-cast the duo and send them on a hunt for Elwood's long-lost pop. Also, Dan Aykroyd will provide the "voice" of a parole officer, which makes one wonder if this might not be ... an animated musical series? Speculation on my part, but either way I'm pretty darn steamed about this whole project.

Here's what Judy Belushi says: "I think these are great American characters ... We want to keep them alive. We chose to introduce them as new characters..." And the final line in Variety's report indicates that producer Eric Gardner "is hoping that, in addition to a TV series, there would also be branding opportunities for some of the Blue Brothers merchandise, including the Bluesmobile." (Yeah. The Bluesmobile will be the next X-Wing Fighter.) In other words: here's a way to squeeze a few more nickels out of a well-admired duo despite half of it being deceased. With all due respect to Mr. Aykroyd (and to the late John Belushi), no amount of hungry SNL writers will wash away the stench of this project.

Note: as if you couldn't tell, I adore the original Blues Brothers (1980) movie to an almost unhealthy degree. Please, Dan Aykroyd, go make Yogi Bear 2 and toss this bad idea away.

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