Blu Waters: Mystic River Flows Onto Blu-ray

Blu Waters: Mystic River Flows Onto Blu-ray

Oct 08, 2009

Last week Flynet Pictures claimed that two-time Oscar winner (and habitual paparazzi abuser) Sean Penn attacked one of its shooters, kicking and punching him without provocation and shouting he would “put you in a box” to the photographer. It’s good to see that the 49-year-old actor still has the fighting spirit he perfected way back when he was slumming around with Madge, but we prefer to watch his intense performances on-screen more than off.

If you do as well, you’ll be fired up Penn style when we tell you that Mystic River—the movie for which Penn won a Best Actor Oscar—makes its Blu-ray debut on February 2 from Warner Home Video. Clint Eastwood’s searing ensemble drama about the dark, interwoven history of three Boston men stars Tim Robbins (who also won an Oscar for supporting actor), Kevin Bacon, Marcia Gay Harden and Laura Linney. Sadly, Penn appears to be MIA from most of the BD’s extras, which include commentary by Robbins and Bacon, the Bravo channel documentary “Mystic River: From Page to Screen,” and Charlie Rose Show featurettes with Eastwood, Bacon and Robbins. Penn will probably sneak up on you in the vintage featurette “Mystic River: Beneath the Surface.” Just please don’t take his picture.

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