Vampires are Back Again in 'Blood Wars'

Vampires are Back Again in 'Blood Wars'

Jun 24, 2011

Warner Bros. has tapped into the vampire vein something fierce. With several bloodsucking screen works in development – including a remake of Tony Scott's Sapphic-sanguine tale The Hunger, a Buffy adaptation based on the popular TV show, the supernatural crime-fighting DC comic Midnight Mass, and several more – what's one more to add to the undead pile? The company is joining forces with Image Entertainment to lure the damned out of the dark once more for Blood Wars – a story that finds the fanged fiends lording over the human population.

Described as a "radical reinvention of vampire mythology," Dalan Musson's script will take place in a world where vampires control the masses and humans are treated like slaves. Eventually a rebellion is formed and the vampire army is infiltrated for the take down. Sound like something being "reinvented," or rehashed? Lionsgate's recent effort, Daybreakers, comes to mind, which also told a futuristic, dystopian tale about a dwindling human population that is farmed for blood.

Zak Kadison will be producing Blood Wars. He's responsible for the low budget, Third Reich terror tale Blood Creek and the kidnapping horror Whisper, which doesn't exactly inspire confidence, but seems to fall into the passable category. Blood Wars is based on a story by Chad St. John, in conjunction with Blacklight Transmedia. St. John is a well-liked Black List writer who has sold several scripts, including The Days Before – a time travel/alien invasion story. How Warners and their team will be able to churn out something "radical" based on this framework will be interesting to see realized. Will you be bowing down to your vampire masters in the theater for this one?

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