Blockbuster Will Always Live On Thanks To These Incredibly Thoughtful Parents

Blockbuster Will Always Live On Thanks To These Incredibly Thoughtful Parents

Apr 27, 2017

Back in 2013 Blockbuster closed 300 of its U.S. stores, effectively ending an era for everyone who grew up on the video rental chain. They didn't go fully out of business, though, nor did they close all of their stores. Blockbuster still exists internationally, and has 13 storefronts in very rural parts of the U.S.

Or, rather, they had 13 U.S. stores. The one located in Sharyland, Texas just closed up shop. This was devastating news to the Zuniga family, who brought their autistic son, Hector Jr., to the store twice a week to rent movies.

Anticipating the dire effect the closing would have on their non-verbal son's routine, the parents bought up the inventory of his favorite movies, a DVD rack, and even a few of the store's signs. They took him to the store on its final day one last time, and then brought him home, where they had secretly re-assembled the shelf to recreate Blockbuster in their house. Hector Jr.'s brother, Jaavi, shared images of the reveal on Twitter, instantly bringing a flood of emotions to movie lovers everywhere.

And if that doesn't just tug and tug on your heart strings, what Hector Zungiga Sr. told CBS News after the story went viral certainly will. 

“Blockbuster was his anchor to reality … to happiness. Because he would take a couple DVD’s and he would put them in his backpack and take them to school. It was like his life preserver if you want to call it that.

We didn’t really do much. We just did what we felt was necessary ... But the takeaway here is that his baby brother is happy and he loves his older brother. He tweeted it because he’s proud of his older brother, he’s proud of his autism, he’s proud to have him in his life. And he just put it out there and it took on a life of its own. The real credit goes to my son Javier. Not my wife and I. His one act of kindness went all over the world. That is the big message.”

And what a fantastic message it is.


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