Blockbuster Tries to Battle Redbox With Dollar Rentals

Blockbuster Tries to Battle Redbox With Dollar Rentals

May 31, 2011

Poor, poor Blockbuster. They're hemorrhaging money every month and for one simple reason: no one goes to Blockbuster any more. There are a number of other rental alternatives that aren't just more convenient than going to a brick and mortar store and stalking the isles out of the hope that they'll actually have a copy left of the movie you want to see, but that are cheaper to boot. Well since Blockbuster can't do anything about the Blockbuster experience, they're at least going to try to make it cheaper.

The once-towering rental giant is now trying to fight off their newest foe, Redbox, with movies that cost only 99 cents to rent per day. Of course, in true Blockbuster fashion, they're still not quite sticking a smooth landing here. Yes, they will be offering 99 cent rentals, but most of those will be older catalog titles. New releases will still be between $1.99 and $2.99 per title. In addition to that, the chain is offering the following promo until July 4th: Rent a new release at $2.99 and you can get any other cheaper-priced movie for free for a day.

Is such a move enough to lure at-home movie lovers away from magical, Internet-based rental services or those peskily convenient machines outside of grocery stores and gas stations? No, probably not in the long term. But, if you're in the sudden mood to watch a dead body go through the motions of being alive, you can now walk into a Blockbuster, rent Weekend at Bernie's 2 and at least now it'll cost just 99 cents to take it home.

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