Watch: A '90s Blockbuster Training Video Reminds Us When People Left the House to Rent Movies

Watch: A '90s Blockbuster Training Video Reminds Us When People Left the House to Rent Movies

Apr 09, 2014

Blockbuster logoWhat’s more bogus than babysitting on a Saturday night? Watching this Blockbuster training video from 1990, for starters.

Sit back and enjoy as incompetent VHS jockey Marie is continually berated for her tape-slinging shortcomings by some imaginary doofus who only appears on the store’s TV system.

Buster, the aforementioned imaginary doofus, is probably the worst boss you could have ever hoped for during your part-time high school employment years. All Marie is trying to do is make a few bucks to get to the Bon Jovi concert, and this guy is constantly harassing her about all the ways she failing to make the Blockbuster corporate empire even bigger.

As someone who worked for Blockbuster in the mid-'90s, and didn’t exactly shed tears when it went out of business, I can personally attest that there were a whole lot of Buster types in the company back in this era. You had to really drink the Kool-Aid if you were ever gonna land that cushy district-manager gig.

The video is hilariously inept – a real product of the era. The situations are almost pornlike in their absurdity (a ‘60s movie buff knows nothing about Casino Royale, a teenager is allowing his mother to pick out the music video selections for his party), but poor Marie soldiers on through all the condescension for the princely sum of $3.75 an hour and her five free rentals per week.

They don’t make training videos like this anymore – and thank God for that. Time warp back to an era when Z. Cavaricci pants were all the rage, and Blockbuster was actually relevant, in this two-part video. I wonder where Marie is now...

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