Watch: 'Blade Runner's 1982 Sci-fi Convention Reel Is Full of Nerdy, Retro Fun

Watch: 'Blade Runner's 1982 Sci-fi Convention Reel Is Full of Nerdy, Retro Fun

Sep 05, 2012

Before Comic-Con transformed "nerdy" conventions into a cool kids corporate paradise, there were cons without all the advertising, bells and whistles. That was the setting for this 1982 Blade Runner convention reel, which takes a look behind the scenes of Ridley Scott's iconic film. Scott also features prominently in the video, along with visual effects designer Douglas Trumbull, and production designer Syd Mead. The trio give us a peek at some production artwork, the movie in progress, the awesome Spinner, and share thoughts about their approach to the Philip K. Dick remake of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?.
Scott opens the clip by describing the futuristic setting as 40 or 50 years in time, but asserted the importance of making Blade Runner's world feel as familiar as possible. He aimed to give Harrison Ford's Rick Deckard a pulpy, Philip Marlowe vibe, which creates a retro parallel to the setting. The director also advises us that he banned one word from set: android. He said the taboo misnomer sets up preconceptions about the kind of film Blade Runner is, calling it overused and misused. For Scott, Replicant was important since it essentially described a human being.
Mead — wearing an awesome sweater — discusses his design approach to creating the atmospheric city, which he wanted to feel like a trap. He tells us he started with a basic, clean design and then layered on top an accumulation of details to achieve the right "visual flavor." By doing so, he captured a broken-down world where supplies have vanished, nothing is new or shiny, and life is petty nasty. "You can't afford to go up," Mead says — referring to the megastructures and high rises that loom over society's undesirables. 
Watch more in the clip below, which also features an awesome porno soundtrack. [via IWatchStuff]

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