Two Movies in the Works About the Crazy Life of Fugitive Software Developer John McAfee

Two Movies in the Works About the Crazy Life of Fugitive Software Developer John McAfee

Jan 21, 2013

John McAfeeWe hope you’re ready for several movies based on the crazy life of software developer John McAfee, because there’s a second film about the antivirus software guru now in development.

Canadian film companies Impact Future Media and Equinoxe Films have teamed up to distribute a McAfee biopic tentatively titled Running in the Background. (Give whoever came up with that title a raise. We can’t decide if it’s awesome or awful, which means we love it).

McAfee sold Impact Future the intellectual property rights to his story last year, and with his recent infamy (McAfee was wanted in Belize for allegedly murdering his American neighbor, then went on the lam posting tons of surreal blog entries about his sex life, living in South America, and so on…) there’s no time like now to get a McAfee film up and running.

The $28 million project will focus on the software creator’s full life – from childhood until his recent legal woes – and will face competition from a Warner Bros. project detailing the McAfee’s 2012 legal issues. The Warner Bros. project will be built around Wired’s article John McAfee’s Last Stand.

Producer Vincent Mosca thinks Running in the Background will be the more appealing of the two films since it covers a wider time period.

“Although Mr. McAfee’s recent adventures have been widely publicized, the surface has barely been scratched regarding his life story.” Given some of the blog entries and message board postings attributed to McAfee before his life on the run got underway, Mosca may be right.

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