Bin Laden Shooter Reveals What 'Zero Dark Thirty' Got Right and Wrong

Bin Laden Shooter Reveals What 'Zero Dark Thirty' Got Right and Wrong

Feb 12, 2013


Kathryn Bigelow's Osama bin Laden drama Zero Dark Thirty has seen its share of political controversy. Allegations of propaganda and improper access to classified information drew critics to the project before it even began filming. Now come reports that the bin Laden shooter claims the movie got it all wrong anyway. The SEAL Team 6 member who killed the terrorist spoke to Esquire (that alone is surreal), and told the magazine: "They Hollywooded it up some." A profile of "The Shooter" revealed a few interesting details.
"It was fun to watch. There was just little stuff. The helos turned the wrong way [toward the target], and they talked way, way too much [during the assault itself]. If someone was waiting for you, they could track your movements that way."
The mission apparently didn't take as long in real life, he advised, and the tactics used "sucked." CIA officer Maya (Jessica Chastain) was accurate, the shooter said: "They made her a tough woman, which she is." And there was no dramatic moment when Osama's name was called out. "When Osama went down, it was chaos, people screaming. No one called his name." 
Given the confidential nature of the mission, we know the SEAL couldn't reveal all, but the interview is worth a read and a reminder that "this is not a movie. It's real life, where death is final and threats last forever. The blood is your own, not fake splatter and explosive squibs." Interviews like this make us miss guys like Lee Marvin — actors who actually served in the military and fought real wars. They lent a realism to their characters and needed very little to bring us to the edge of our seats.
[via /Film]

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