Billy Bob Thornton Headlining the 'Fargo' TV Series for the Coen Brothers

Billy Bob Thornton Headlining the 'Fargo' TV Series for the Coen Brothers

Aug 02, 2013

Billy Bob ThorntonFX’s new limited series inspired by Joel and Ethan Coen’s beloved crime film Fargo has just landed a big-name actor to headline its cast. THR reports that Billy Bob Thornton will star in the series, which is slated to begin filming this fall with an eye toward debuting in spring of next year.

The 10-episode series will use Fargo as the inspiration for a new tale of true crime featuring the “humor, murder and Minnesota nice of the original.”

Early reports indicate Thornton will play Lorne Malvo, a bad dude who meets a local insurance salesman and sets him on the road to disaster. The character will be similar to the one Steve Buscemi played in the film according to sources.

This casting is big news seeing as Thornton has won an Oscar for his work on Sling Blade and been nominated on other occasions. The project will be in capable hands with the Coen brothers serving as executive producers on the series, so hopefully the production will nail the tone of the film.

FX will air the show when it debuts, but has yet to decide if it will run on its FX network or FXM. This is the opening salvo in the network’s new strategy of launching limited-series programming. We suspect this was a great title to launch the program with.

With production set to start this fall, we’ll be hearing more about this new series in the coming weeks. In the meantime, let us know what you think. Do you like the idea of Billy Bob Thornton in this role? Are you up for a new story in the vein of Fargo? Share your thoughts and opinions below. 


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