The Best Interview of the Week Is This One-Hour Chat with Bill Murray

The Best Interview of the Week Is This One-Hour Chat with Bill Murray

Feb 13, 2014


Get ready to have the pants charmed off of you — but not in a weird way. Bill Murray has already captured our hearts thanks to his poetic everyman roles and fun loving public antics (like crashing kickball games and karaoke parties). We fell in love with him just a little bit harder after watching this fantastic interview with Charlie Rose.

Murray pulled back the curtain just a tiny bit to invite us into his beautiful mind, revealing the Oscar speech he never got to give (and making fun of those who ramble on and on and… ), what he whispered to Scarlett Johansson at the end of Lost in Translation, how riding high on a string of awards almost kept him from feeling humble, and admitting how hard it is to sometimes just be yourself (praising actors like John Goodman for doing a stellar job at convincing the world that it’s easy).

Murray had no intention of doing comedy. He hung around his brother Brian at Second City in Chicago and wound up joining the improvisational troupe, kickstarting his career. The poeticisms dazzle us when Murray discusses being open to letting life happen to you and that everything starts with a wish. We could listen to him talk about anything for hours, but you’ll have to settle for just one in the below clip.


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