Bill Murray Backtracks on 'Ghostbusters 3': "We'll Try Again"

Bill Murray Backtracks on 'Ghostbusters 3': "We'll Try Again"

Jun 11, 2012

The road to a third installment in the Ghostbusters franchise has been rocky and bumpy, and at this point we're probably all better off without it in our lives. It appeared recently as if the final nail had been hammered into the Ghostbusters 3 coffin when Bill Murray reportedly trashed the latest version of the script, refusing to have any part in it. Dan Aykroyd, the film's biggest champion, was left picking up the pieces while handing out vague promises of maybe someday putting together a film without Murray.

But now!

But now everyone! 

Bill Murray might be changing his tune! (Sigh, here we go again.) Yes, during an interview with David Letterman (in which Murray introduced the world to his new hologram), he was again asked about the Ghostbusters sequel. And while it's pretty clear he's sick of talking about it, Murray appeared optimistic, saying "we'll try again," which we believe was in reference to the script. Letterman cuts Murray off as he's finishing his thought, but it seems like Murray is willing to give it a shot as long as they give him a better script, which may or may not be in the works right now. 

So there you have it. There's still a light on in the house of Ghostbusters 3, and while it's definitely fading (along with our patience), it ain't shut off yet.



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