Here Are the Best (or Worst?) Movie Mistakes of the Year

Here Are the Best (or Worst?) Movie Mistakes of the Year

Dec 09, 2013


Ah, the movie goof. It’s easy to assume that the films we love were created by a flawless superhuman. The magic of cinema is a powerful thing, but alas even the greatest of films contain factual errors and continuity mistakes. Website Movie Mistakes has tracked the “best” of them this year, and you might be surprised by some of the details that went overlooked.

Sitting in the number one spot is Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity. The director has been praised for his attention to accuracy, but has admitted that parts of the film had to be embellished and that liberties needed to be taken in order to propel the narrative and striking visual effects. This is the movies, so go easy on him, guys. On MovieMistakes, we find out that the film’s depiction of speeds and orbits when it comes to traveling between the Hubble Space Telescope and ISS (International Space Station) are totally wonky. 

In A Good Day to Die Hard, which won second place on the list, the continuity error concerns a broken headlight, which swaps sides during the film. The Hangover Part III error is pretty funny in that we find out that gold bullion weighs 400 ounces a bar, which means Chow’s two bags of $1,200 would mean he’s carrying 550 pounds per arm. Take some time to explore the list and see if you remember noting any of these mistakes. Our own Erik Davis has quibbled about the number of arrows Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss always seems to have at her disposal in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

What movie goofs bugged you the most in 2013?



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