Big Bucks in Disguise: Transformers Sequel Breaks Sales Records

Big Bucks in Disguise: Transformers Sequel Breaks Sales Records

Oct 29, 2009

How can a movie that nobody seemed to enjoy become the number one movie at the box office and now home video? It has come to pass—Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen smashed its way to the top of the BD sales chart, selling 1.2 million Blu-rays in the first week and 500,000 in the first day alone according to Home Media Magazine. That means that 26 percent of disc sales came from the Blu-ray edition, making it officially the biggest high-def release of the year. “If the business is going to turn around, it's going to be because Blu-ray starts performing,” said industry analyst Tom Adams. “This is certainly an indicator that Blu-ray is starting to play its role and help stabilize the business." Blu-ray Bob admits that he liked this mindless summer blockbuster much more at home where he could suppress the bombastic Bay soundtrack a bit and fast-forward the irritating hip-hop robots Skids and Mudflap (pictured)—Michael Bay’s answer to Jar-Jar Binks. If you’re going to plunk down your money for this Blu-ray—and it seems like many of you are—you have several retail-exclusive versions out there to choose from. Don’t get distracted by those packaged with miniature action figures or toys—the one with more than meets the eye is Wal-mart’s Big Screen Edition. Why? Well, this is a big, bad Bay movie, so you’re going to want the version that incorporates the larger-than-life IMAX footage. The Big Screen edition switches seamlessly from the letterboxed footage to full-screen IMAX footage during key battle sequences just like The Dark Knight BD. Now go give your home theater the workout of its lifetime—Michael Bay style.

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