'Big Ass Spider' Trailer: See Footage from SXSW's Most Talked-About Midnight Movie

'Big Ass Spider' Trailer: See Footage from SXSW's Most Talked-About Midnight Movie

Feb 07, 2013

Big Ass Spider

If Syfy hasn’t been filling all your low-budget giant monster movie needs, then Mike Mendez has you covered. The director of The Convent and Gravedancers is back with his latest film – the accurately titled Big Ass Spider.

The name tells you all you need to know with this one – a giant alien spider escapes from a military research facility (naturally…) and is now destroying L.A. Scientists and a “clever exterminator” are called in to try and stop the beast once and for all and save Southern California from complete devastation.

Mendez has launched a new trailer for the film (complete with a director’s intro where he tells viewers he’ll hunt them down and kill them if they pirate his movie), and it delivers pretty much everything we’d expect from a promo for a movie called Big Ass Spider. While some of the gags (including a riff on the Antoine Dobson “They’re raping everyone out here” Internet phenomenon) don’t quite work, the film does have performances from the always dependable Ray Wise and Lin Shaye. Seeing Ray Wise these days still makes me miss Reaper

The rest of the film looks campy and charming – featuring a mix of CG, puppets and stop-motion animation. Check out the trailer below, then get ready to check out the full feature as part of the Midnight Movies section at this year’s SXSW.


[via Topless Robot]

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