Beyonce to Make Directorial Debut with Documentary About Beyonce

Beyonce to Make Directorial Debut with Documentary About Beyonce

Aug 03, 2012

Pop-star documentaries are all the rage these days. They're cheap to make and they make a whole lot of money. Justin Bieber's got one. Katy Perry's got one. Now Beyoncé Knowles wants one. But there's a pretty big difference between both of those films and what the former Destiny's Child singer is cooking up: She wants to produce and direct her own documentary.

Of course Beyoncé is no newbie to the silver screen as a star (we still remember Austin Powers in Goldmember and The Pink Panther) or as a producer (Obsessed), but she's never stepped into the director's chair, and to do so to make a movie about herself is fascinating, to say the least. One could easily say that films like Bieber's Never Say Never and Perry's Part of Me are nothing but pop-star pandering in order to sell more records and concert tickets, but at least those films have outside directors. A pop star directing her own documentary might actually be unprecedented (our resident doc expert couldn't think of someone else doing something similar).

Beyoncé and her talent agency have put together 20 minutes of footage as part of a package to shop around Hollywood, but the untitled film hasn't picked up a distributor yet, so it's not inconceivable that if they want to get the film fully made, she'll have to bring in another director. If she doesn't, though, we're very curious to see just how this whole thing turns out. Obviously no celeb documentary is going to be too critical of the star, but this is taking self-indulgence to a whole new level.

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