Best/Worst Movie Promos of the Week: Stripping Channing Tatum, a Plane Crashes in 'Area 407,' Tyler Perry's Latest, and More

Best/Worst Movie Promos of the Week: Stripping Channing Tatum, a Plane Crashes in 'Area 407,' Tyler Perry's Latest, and More

Apr 20, 2012

Magic Mike

There are a number of reasons to keep an eye on a movie, but first and foremost, you look forward to something because it looks good. Fox Searchlight’s Ruby Sparks trailer comes as a nice surprise, showing off a goofy, but charming Paul Dano actually get the girl of his dreams – a character he totally made up. While this trailer certainly doesn’t do the film justice, Your Sister’s Sister is also a somewhat under-the-radar production to, well, keep on your radar.

Then there are the films you need to consider simply because they’re summer blockbusters, or at least want to be. While the G.I. Joe: Retaliation posters aren’t particularly original, it was fun watching them pop up all over the web. As for Battleship, a rather unexciting scene just arrived, but Alexander Skarsgård and Taylor Kitsch make it an enjoyable watch. Another clip from The Avengers cropped up and while it’s a treat to see Iron Man and Thor beat each other up, there’s something about their outfits and those lightning bolts that’s reminiscent of Power Ranger-style battles.

And then there’s the material that looks like it could be good, but you just can’t be sure. I wouldn’t say I’m into “girls with guns and southerners beating the hell out of each other,” but there’s something oddly intriguing about the new Baytown Disco trailer. The Cosmopolis one isn’t as tight as it could be, but there is something to it that suggests this could the film that finally cuts the cord between Robert Pattinson and the Twilight franchise. Moonrise Kingdom just got a new clip and while it isn’t anything particularly exhilarating, it’s tough to say no to a piece that features Tilda Swinton, Bruce Willis and Edward Norton.

The time has come; enjoy your best and worst promotional material of the week and be sure to note that Best/Worst Movie Promos has now firmly nestled into its new Friday run date.

The Best Stuff

1. Magic Mike Trailer: Channing Tatum isn’t even my type. Really! But still, not only are the stars of Magic Mike quite hot, but this trailer is, too. It gets off to an excellent start, using a scene during which some young ladies meet Magic Mike for the very first time, to introduce us moviegoers to the film’s main man. Even better, this moment makes the viewer feel like he or she is very much a part of that party and that, in turn, makes the experience a blast. Tatum continues to wow, showing off his impressive cash flow and killer dance moves. Sure, the trailer dips into cliché territory with the whole “I’m not my lifestyle” bit, but by that point, you’re already under Magic Mike’s spell.

2. Area 407 Trailer: What can I say? I’m a total sucker for found footage films. And what found footage film have you seen that has dinosaurs in it? Area 407 is a revelation! Okay, clearly that’s going too far, but this trailer really is eye candy for anyone with a soft spot for these types of films. The plane scenario is an instant attention grabber. Who isn’t wary of flying, even if it’s just the slightest bit? Once we’ve all made that connection, it’s time to watch our worst nightmare become a reality. As if a plane crash isn’t devastating enough, the trailer shows Area 407 has much more to offer than that, and it’s so extreme, you might laugh, but it’s so incredibly absurd, you just can’t help but to have some fun with it. Yes, this movie could certainly turn out to be another lame go at the subgenre, but this trailer is more than enough to entice me to at least give it a go.

3. The Prometheus David Campaign: We get tons of trailers, clips and featurettes every week, so there’s nothing more refreshing than getting some promotional material that’s a little outside the box. And, even better, there’s nothing more alluring than promotional material that makes you feel like you’re part of a film. As if Michael Fassbender himself wasn’t enough, the introduction to his character David opens up the world of Weyland Industries and what their products are capable of, and it’s done in a format that makes it feel real. Similarly, minus that obnoxious Verizon ad that actually has a reverse effect, Prometheusnew posters show off the David 8, the Med Pod 720i, the RT01 Transport and the USCSS Prometheus in a fashion that forces you to pretend you’re part of that world, practically skipping the process of bringing you into it. Marketing like this suggests Prometheus won’t merely offer a glimpse at another life, rather a wholly realized new environment with endless elements to explore and that, in turn, makes you want to explore more.

The Worst Stuff

1. Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Witness Protection Teaser Trailer: No, I haven’t kept up with Tyler Perry’s Madea franchise, but that doesn’t mean the teaser trailer can’t still be funny. The opening 20 seconds are dedicated to setting up the whole witness protection concept in a manner aiming to make Madea’s introduction all the more powerful. However, rather than cut to Madea doing something absurd in her guards’ presence, we get her trouncing down a bland hallway announcing she’s in witness protection. Not funny and redundant. Then, rather than give the witness protection gag another go, we get Madea randomly on a plane engaging in one of the most overused mid-air gags, getting drunk. Even worse, the joke never lands because Madea kind of looks the same sober and drunk. I’ve avoided the Madea movies for years and it looks like the trend will continue.

2. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter International Poster: Jonah Hex much? From the day material from Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter started pouring in, I couldn’t help but to connect it to the big blunder of the summer of 2010 and now the film’s brand new international poster draws yet another line between the two. Their posters share that same blue hue as well as a somewhat digitized style that enhances the special effects, but also suggests that might be all the film has to offer. At this point, for someone who isn’t into CGI period action films, a little character insight is the only thing that’ll draw newcomers in – something deeper than just showing Benjamin Walker is the vampire-hunting version of a former president. The concept was cool when it was first announced, but for those who won’t get around to reading the book, the promotional campaign has to hint that there’s more to the movie than that.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Poster

3. Piranha 3DD Posters: Not only do the new posters for Piranha 3DD completely turn me off to seeing the film, but they actually make me embarrassed for having been excited for its predecessor. Oddly enough, I was disappointed by Piranha 3D, but when the sequel was announced, I was still psyched to give the concept another go-around. What horror junkie wouldn’t be thrilled by the idea of a horde of man-eating piranha invading a water park? The death scene possibilities are endless! However, by what we’ve seen of the film so far, none of the filmmakers care much for innovation, only boobs and blood. Sure, DD is in the title, but these posters certainly don’t scream “campy horror movie,” rather “video store porn.”

Piranha 3DD Poster

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