Best/Worst Movie Promos of the Week: Meryl Streep is Cool But the Briefcases Are Better

Best/Worst Movie Promos of the Week: Meryl Streep is Cool But the Briefcases Are Better

Jan 12, 2012

The Iron Lady PostersHope you’ve got some time on your hands because we have got a slew of clips to sort through. Funny thing is, even with there being far more clips than trailers and posters this past week, not a single one manages to crack the top three.

However, Haywire certainly put up quite the fight thanks to Gina Carano. The first five minutes of the film popped up on the web showing the former American Gladiator’s got some acting chops, and can put up a fight, too, of course. Surprisingly, the material from Joyful Noise doesn’t look half bad either. Perhaps the Sister Act fan in me is just craving some gospel packed cheesiness.

Man on a Ledge, on the other hand, looses its clips to its seemingly confusing plot. This one was more intriguing when it was just about a man on a ledge; all this backstory is jumbling up what could have been a simple yet profound scenario. But still, Man on a Ledge is in better shape than The Divide this week. Not only does this clip from the film hint at some bad acting, but there’s a line that might have been meant to be darkly humorous that’s a little too twisted for my liking.

No unauthorized clips past this point. This week’s Best/Worst Movie Promos of the Week belongs to the trailers and posters – for better or worse.

The Best Stuff

1. ATM Trailer: What can I say? I’m a sucker for campy slasher flicks. Ever since writer Chris Sparling’s Buried arrived, I’ve had an eye on ATM and, sure enough, the film’s first trailer offers up exactly what you’d expect from a film about a group of co-workers trapped in an ATM by a suspicious man – and it looks like a horrific blast. The trailer’s pieced together rather well, offering solid introductions to the main players before their fateful night, all while setting the mood with an eerie lone piano lurking in the background. Then, when the action begins, it’s far more intense and extensive than anyone could have expected. Then again, the variety of gruesome kills and torture techniques shouldn’t come as a surprise because if anyone could keep you on the edge of your seat for a film that takes place in a confined space, it’s Sparling.

2. Chronicle Poster: Don’t let The Devil Inside put a bad taste in your mouth when it comes to found footage films; we’ve still got Chronicle on the way and it looks as though it could shake up the shooting technique and the superhero genre, too. Promo material for this one has been pouring in over the past few weeks, but the latest release, the film’s poster, is particularly striking. The image itself is very well composed, highlighting our main trio in the foreground, but also leaving more to explore elsewhere in the frame. Your eye gravitates towards the title and the amusing tagline, “Boys will be boys,” and then to a car being pierced by the Space Needle. Amusing, but at the same time, the hue of the poster also suggests Chronicle might not be all fun and games.

Chronicle Poster

3. The Iron Lady Poster: One of these things is not like the other; yeah, the childhood game is still just as effective now. Sure, Meryl Streep is the selling point for The Iron Lady, but what a sleek design! Not only does the briefcase poster boast clean and visually appealing imagery, but also one that manages to say loads through sheer simplicity. Plus it’s sending a good life message to boot!

The Iron Lady Poster

The Worst Stuff

1. The Broken Tower Trailer: I thought Howl came out back in 2010? Oh, wait, no, this is Hart Crane, not Alan Ginsberg. Regardless, The Broken Tower looks just as strange and just as dull. James Franco and Michael Shannon do pack a lot of star power, but two immensely famous faces won’t help The Broken Tower crawl out of what appears to be a very deep isolating artsy hole and appeal to the masses, or even a fraction of the masses for that matter. Perhaps someone who’s more familiar with Crane might think otherwise, but based on this trailer, The Broken Tower is more about Franco having some fun with his fame and testing the limits, both in terms of narrative and his fan base’s steadfastness, than anything.

2. LOL Trailer: Miley Cyrus may be approaching 20, but she’s not ready to leave the teenage realm just yet, or her teenybopper Disney fans either. LOL looks bad, and I mean like, OMG bad. First off, Cyrus’ character is literally named Lol. Well, it’s really Lola, but her friends call her Lol. And yes, I’m quite literally laughing out loud right now. Bad grades, hot young teachers, house parties? LOL is every single uninspired high school scenario wrapped in one. And then there’s poor Demi Moore. Her character is as one-dimensional as they come. Don’t mess up your life; now that’s some great advice. Clearly this trailer makes the movie look like pure garbage, but worst of all, the trailer itself is just flat out unprofessional. Head to the 1:08 mark. Did someone forget to chop off the next piece of dialogue? Ouch.

3. The Woman in Black UK Quad: The Woman in Black just got that eerie new domestic poster; what happened? This UK quad looks like it’s for an emo Harry Potter video game. Daniel Radcliffe is looking rather digitally rendered, which does make him pop, but perhaps a bit too much as it almost looks like he’s some sort of stick figure being displayed in front of the actual poster. All of the other designs for this one have that eerie gray scale, old newspaper-like hue to them. The color scheme and overall look here better suits a supernatural action flick, like Underworld or Resident Evil.

The Woman in Black UK Quad

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