Best/Worst Movie Promos of the Week: Mark Neveldine on Rollerblades vs. Channing Tatum with Chocolate

Best/Worst Movie Promos of the Week: Mark Neveldine on Rollerblades vs. Channing Tatum with Chocolate

Jan 27, 2012

Mark Neveldine on RollerbladesAnother week, a slew of new promotional material. The overall gauge this week fell somewhere in the middle, but, of course, that still means some came out on the higher end of the spectrum.

Snow White vs. Snow White

The Snow White movies are at it again, this time, Snow White and the Huntsmen getting a sneak peek and Mirror Mirror getting a featurette and, yet again, I’m pleasantly surprised. The Huntsman video is pretty much just the trailer all over again, but it holds up surprisingly well. As for Mirror Mirror, it embraces its silly and family-friendly side, laying on the goofiness quite thick and, you know what? It’s kind of cute.


There was really no other way to title this section of the introduction. Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie seems to be getting some solid reviews out at Sundance, but a number do point out the film can be hit or miss. Well, it’s a miss with me because this clip from the film isn’t funny, rather uncomfortably awkward. And, in a completely different spin on “WTF,” it’s happened; a piece of Hunger Games promotional material didn’t claim one of the top three slots. There’s nothing wrong with what’s said to be the film’s final poster, but considering we’ve seen Katniss shoot quite a few arrows already, this image is lacking a wow-factor when, at this point, we’ve come to expect them from the film. Or perhaps I’ve just watched that teaser one too many times.

WTF to the Max

The new premiere promotion video for Iron Sky is in a category of its own. Why? Nazis in space, that’s why! I don’t know what to make of this bizarre sci-fi/comedy mash up from Timo Vuorensola, but similar to Dead Snow’s zombie Nazis, Vuorensola’s deep space ones make for some pretty wicked villains.

Don’t worry; that’s not all. The best is yet to come. Well, and the worst, too, but who couldn’t use a good laugh at a poor promo’s expense?

The Best Stuff

1. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Featurette: Not every movie is made the same exact way, but every time we get a behind-the-scenes featurette, it kind of seems that way. Actors singing their directors’ praises, directors laughing it up with the crew between takes, a few snippets of action. What’s the point in giving us a look at what goes down behind the scenes if there’s nothing special about it? Well, this new Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance featurette rocks something I’ve certainly never seen before, a director on rollerblades. Yes, Mark Neveldine shoots his movie on rollerblades at incredibly high speeds and watching that looks to be even more wicked than watching the actual action of Spirit of Vengeance. On top of that, this is just a really well cut video. We get a shot of a motorcycle careening into the barrier of a bridge and then it cuts right to the stuntman flying over the edge, the cameraman catching the action while suspended from cables with the actual footage spliced in between. It’s the ultimate how-to video.

2. Brake Trailer: I’m going to contradict myself with this one, but this trailer isn’t all that good, however, thanks to an intriguing plot, it’s promotional power is up there. Yes, we got Buried just over a year ago, but Brake looks like the Saw version of Buried and a Saw version of Buried sounds and looks like a ton of fun. The voice over is as cheesy as they come, the dialogue selection isn’t particularly coherent and the trailer looks as though it reveals a bit too much, but what does all that matter when it still leaves me curious enough to want to check out the full feature?

3. Project X Poster: Yes, I used to be one of those party picture nuts. Digital camera in tow, I snapped picture after picture and then – gasp – posted them on Facebook. Don’t go hunting me down and looking for incriminating pictures, remember? I’m the one behind the lens. Still, when I look at those pictures, tons of fond memories flood right back and this new poster for Project X has that same effect. The rendering feels very real, almost like a photo from my very own gallery. (But no, I never attended a party during which a dog floated away via balloons.) Not only does this poster make for a good companion to the first one released, adding some characters and still packing the same message, but the texture of the image also highlights something that makes Project X unlike any other high school party movie – it’s a found footage film.

Project X Poster

The Worst Stuff

1. The Wicker Tree Clips: Sometimes bad trailers can still lead to good films, but that’s a tougher task when it comes to bad clips. The trailer for The Wicker Tree was named “The Worst Stuff” about a month back and now two new clips are claiming the honor. Not only did that trailer tell us absolutely nothing about the plot, but it also made the film look particularly unappealing. Well, these clips certainly seal the deal in that department because there’s nothing enjoyable about watching Graham McTavish yell some lofty and utterly meaningless speech and the same goes for Brittania Nicol’s discovery. Thanks to House of Wax, I’ve been there and done that.

2. Man on a Ledge Extended Preview: Is this an extended preview or some desperate attempt at clarifying a convoluted plot before folks hit the theaters? After watching this video, there’s really no point in catching Men on a Ledge at all. It’s a glorified trailer, providing an overview of all the pieces of the puzzle and then some. Having not seen the full film, sure, there could be more to it, but watching Sam Worthington’s character jump off the ledge, getting a detailed glimpse at his relationship with Elizabeth Banks’ character and seeing Jamie Bell’s side of the situation fall apart just makes me feel like I already know too much and it’s that feeling that’ll keep moviegoers from checking it out.

3. The Vow Clips: Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum are nice to look at, but that in itself doesn’t guarantee an entertaining movie. No, this isn’t a Nicholas Sparks film, but it might as well be. It’s got a super cute let’s-stare-into-each-other’s-eyes-like-we-like-it poster and a Lifetime-esque vibe to boot. Now, on top of that, The Vow’s got two über mushy clips. The first one shows the couple’s way too coincidental meet-cute and then the second really lays it on thick with a chocolate-eating session. Yeah, right.

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