Best/Worst Movie Promos of the Week: 'Madagascar 3' Rocks Polka Dots And Afros But 'The Words' Drowns In Voice Over

Best/Worst Movie Promos of the Week: 'Madagascar 3' Rocks Polka Dots And Afros But 'The Words' Drowns In Voice Over

May 18, 2012

Madagascar 3

While The Avengers continues to plow through the competition, a few other wannabe summer blockbusters try to put themselves in position to share in the big bucks. The Dictator undoubtedly has an uphill battle, but this rather amusing extended clip might attract some extra attention. Men in Black 3, on the other hand, is very likely the film that’ll dethrone The Avengers, so if it’s going to be #1, might as well go big, right? This new peek at the film’s sets, gadgets, cars and more suggests MIB 3’s production value will reflect its hefty price tag. As for Prometheus, it’ll definitely open big, but how big is the question. Should viral videos like this one work in the film’s favor, it could be one of the highest earners of the summer.

On a smaller scale, the Duplass brothers are at it again, releasing a brand new trailer for their July release, The Do-Deca-Pentathlon. On the far creepier side, a trailer for The Possession just hit and it actually suggests that there still might be more to explore in the whole possession subgenre.

In the land of the release date-less we’ve got two worth keeping an eye on: Bait 3D because it looks like a big ball of tacky fun, and The We and The I because while we’ve still got no clue where Michel Gondry is going with this one, there’s something inexplicably magnetizing about this footage.

The Best Stuff

1. Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted Clip: I’ve got nothing against the Madagascar franchise, but I’ve never been a big proponent of it either, so the fact that this clip enthuses me in the least suggests it’s a worthy watch. First off, the clip is simply amusing. I giggled when Chris Rock’s Marty did the afro/polka dot dance in the trailer and, turns out, it works quite well in context, too. But what really makes this clip from Europe’s Most Wanted a particularly successful marketing tool is that it introduces viewers to the world within the movie via Alex’s backstage circus tour. The Madagascar veterans are back there as are some new characters making this experience useful for reeling in newcomers as well as giving longtime fans a sense of the new material to come.

2. Ted Poster: A certain trash-talking teddy bear has certainly crawled his way into my heart, so don’t expect Ted to go anywhere until the film’s July 13th release. I’m still partial to the film’s urinal poster, but with just about two months to go until the movie arrives, it’s an appropriate move to give viewers access to the dynamic duo’s faces. The whole living teddy bear with a naughty streak concept still works and the expression on Mark Wahlberg’s face is absolutely priceless. The hues and design of this poster also match that first one, creating a nice cohesive feeling. And, to top it off, the format not only highlights an amusing image, but also draws your eye to the title. Ted will be hard to miss.

Ted Poster

3. Moonrise Kingdom Featurette: Sure, we hope that every movie has a unique plot, but when it comes to the making of a movie, the process is generally the same. Unless you’re attached to a franchise, have crazy digital effects or take place in the distant future, it isn’t easy making a featurette that stands out. Even if you’re successful in delivering an informative piece, odds are viewers have seen or heard that information before. While this new featurette for Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom offers your typical behind-the-scenes look at the production, it’s the narration and the tone of the video that makes it a new breed of featurette. The typical making of the movie information is there, but it’s the comedy that makes the material pop.

The Worst Stuff

1. Hit and Run Trailer: Whether or not you’re a fan of Hit and Run’s stellar cast, its first trailer is too poorly constructed and the plot points too overused to enjoy. The piece kicks off by mimicking reality with an onscreen relationship between Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell. It’s cute and all, but then the trailer reveals the predicament. The problem is, that revelation then leads to a particularly insincere and silly bumbling scenario. While the first half of the trailer presents the film as an on-the-run piece with Shepard’s character hiding from Bradley Cooper, portions further down the line suggest the two join forces. Meanwhile, Bell is just walking around like a mere set piece the entire time, flipping out because her boyfriend isn’t who he said he was. Been there, done that. This trailer leaves nothing to be desired.

2. The Babymakers Poster: I knew nothing of The Babymakers when I stumbled upon this poster, putting me in the perfect place to pass some judgment. Unfortunately, that judgment is 110% negative. Paul Schneider and Olivia Munn are both great, but this image of the duo is flat out obnoxious and irritating. There’s something about their positioning and the forced facial expression that screams, “This movie is too silly and no good.” Now, just to be fair, the film stars Schneider as a guy who can’t get his wife (Munn) pregnant so opts to steal the sperm bank deposit he made years back. Jay Chandrasekhar is behind the lens on this one and considering his feature film resume, silly to the max will very likely be a fitting description for this one.

The Babymakers

3. The Words Trailer: Why is the narrator of The Land Before Time narrating the trailer for The Words? Okay, clearly it’s not the exact same guy, but that droning voice is entirely misused here and so much so that it actually mocks the material, which becomes particularly problematic because it can be hard enough to get past the writer’s block on the big screen stigma to begin with. Even worse, The Words seems to have a lot more going for it beyond the usual wannabe writer scenario, but it doesn’t get to the good stuff until far past the minute mark. The music video-esque finale and cast run-through is rather rousing, but not nearly enough to reverse the damage already done.

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