The Best and Worst of the 82nd Academy Awards!

The Best and Worst of the 82nd Academy Awards!

Mar 08, 2010

The 82nd Academy Awards are over, three days have passed (or at least it felt that way), and now you’re looking for some kind of recap. Shockers? Not many. Little too predictable? Perhaps. Not enough fun, quirky musical numbers? Definitely (what’s up with that Adam Shankman!?) Should’ve been a few more fistfights? Now we’re talkin’!

But what about everything in between? Here’s my list for the best and worst the 82nd Academy Awards had to offer…

Best-In-Show Moments

* Let’s give it up for hosts Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin. Not sure I love the two hosts thing (Martin definitely did overshadow Baldwin), but it ultimately worked out well.
* Robert Downey Jr.’s awesome giant blue bow tie
* How about that John Hughes tribute? C’mon, I know you cried a little bit inside.
* Cute move having the animated characters throw out some shtick right before giving out the Best Animated Film Oscar.
* Really love the little video packages they put together for the shorts Oscars and the sound Oscars. Nice to finally throw some attention to the smaller awards.
* Martin and Baldwin’s Paranormal Activity spoof was probably the funniest skit of the night
* Aww, classy way to have former co-stars introduce the best actor and actress nominees … even if Colin Farrell looked bored out of his mind.
* Loved the So You Think You Can Dance performance. Wait, what? That wasn’t a commercial for So You Think You Can Dance? It was Best Score?

Random Question: Whenever a black person wins an award, why do they always then cut to other black actors and actresses as if to celebrate their approval or something? Am I the only one who finds that strange?

Random Thought: I think I would watch an entire movie with Ben Stiller dressed as a Na’vi from Avatar. You?

Worst In-Show Moments

* George Clooney admitting on the red carpet in front of his girlfriend that the role in Up in the Air was perfect because he also hates commitment
* Yeah, sure, let Chris Pine introduce District 9 as a Best Picture nominee since it was that film that took Star Trek’s place as a Best Picture nominee. Talk about awkward …
* Was it just me, or did their best acting nominee line-up show opener feel like the opening of a bad mid-'80s soap opera?
* Wow, they really botched those screenplay awards.
* Leaving the music up while Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner introduced the horror montage freaked both kids out a little (heck, K-Stew bit her lip, like, 15 times!)
* While we’re on the topic, they did know that the horror montage should’ve featured all horror films, right? No, sorry, Twilight is not a horror film.
* I’m not a big worst dressed guy, but Tina Fey looked like Jane from Tarzan, and Sarah Jessica Parker’s dress looked like it was wearing a crown.

Finally, the overall best moment of the night goes to Kathryn Bigelow for becoming the first female to win Best Director.

Until next year …

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