Best of the Week: The Women Who Ruled Sundance, Plus the Benefits of the 'Batman vs. Superman' Delay and More

Best of the Week: The Women Who Ruled Sundance, Plus the Benefits of the 'Batman vs. Superman' Delay and More

Jan 24, 2014

Reviews, Features and Interviews

The Women Who Ruled the 2014 Sundance Film Festival by Jeff Bayer and Erik Davis

Sundance at Midnight: 'Cooties' Finds Elijah Wood and Rainn Wilson Fighting a Pack of Zombie First Graders by Erik Davis

Zach Braff's 'Wish I Was Here' Is a Pretty Terrific Spiritual Sequel to 'Garden State' by Erik Davis

The Kevin Costner Renaissance Has Only Just Begun by Alexander Huls

Five Things Every First Timer Should Know About Attending Sundance by Jeff Bayer

Aubrey Plaza and Dane DeHaan Try Out Zombie Love in 'Life After Beth' by Erik Davis

'I Origins' Star Michael Pitt Talks About the Latest Sundance Favorite from the Director of 'Another Earth' by Jason Guerrasio

'What We Do in the Shadows' Is a Vampire Spoof Movie That Finally Gets It Right by Erik Davis

Forget Sundance: Here Are the Three Must-see Slamdance Documentaries by Christopher Campbell

'The Raid 2' Review: A Brutal, Badass Reminder of What Action Movies Are Capable Of by Erik Davis

Why 'The Voices' Features Ryan Reynolds' Best Performance of His Career by Jeff Bayer

'The Battered Bastards of Baseball' Features One of the Best Baseball Stories Never Told by Erik Davis

Why Do Most Frankenstein Movies Ignore the Source Material? by Jacob S. Hall




Comics on Film: Why the Delay in 'Batman vs. Superman' Is a Good Thing by Chris Clow

Film Face-off: 'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit' vs. 'Jack Reacher' by Jeff Bayer

New VOD and Streaming Movies, Plus: How to Watch 'About Time' and 'Escape Plan' at Home Before Disc by Robert B. DeSalvo

The Geek Beat: Why I Can't Get Excited About the Oscars (but Wish I Could) by Rick Marshall

New on DVD/Blu-ray: Don't Miss 'Captain Phillips,' 'In a World' and 'Never Sleep Again' by Peter Hall

Marvel Studios Countdown: 'Winter Soldier' Already Proclaimed the Best Marvel Movie, Plus More News and Rumors by John Gholson

YA Movie Countdown: Which Young-Adult Films Will Be the Big Moneymakers of 2014? by Perri Nemiroff

The Last Horror Blog: Freddy Krueger's Past Reimagined, First Look at Sundance Hit 'Babadook,' and More by Mike Bracken


Discussions, Giveaways and Galleries

New Movie Posters: 'Walk of Shame,' '300: Rise of an Empire,' 'Blue Ruin' and More by Peter Hall 

Your Top Three: Best Biopics by Christopher Campbell

Which Sundance 2014 Movies Are You Now Most Anxious to See? by Christopher Campbell

Poster-Crop Quiz: Can You Guess These Monster Movies? by Brian Salisbury




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