Best of the Week: A Trio of Exclusive Clips, the Bad Effects of Shark Week and More

Best of the Week: A Trio of Exclusive Clips, the Bad Effects of Shark Week and More

Aug 09, 2013

Features, Reviews and Interviews

Exclusive: See the Undead Men Hunting Wesley Snipes in This 'Gallowwalkers' Clip by Peter Hall

Exclusive: This 'Elysium' Concept Art Will Make You More Excited to See the Movie by Peter Hall

How Bad Movies and This Year's Shark Week Are Ruining People's Perception of a Great Animal by

Exclusive 'Jobs' TV Spot: Watch Ashton Kutcher Risk Everything to Change Our Future Forever by Erik Davis

Why Don't Movies About Greek Gods Stick to the Original Stories? by Jacob S. Hall

The Future Sucks: Ranking the 34 Most Horrifying Futures Seen in the Movies by Jacob S. Hall

Exclusive: 'Pulling Strings' Trailer Features Jaime Camil As a Sexy Mariachi Singer by Elisa Osegueda

The Review: 'We're the Millers' Flirts with Darkness and Taboos by Dave White

The Review: 'Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters' Is Dead Set on Believing Its Own Line of Goofy Reasoning by Dave White



Box Office Report: Denzel and Wahlberg 'Gun' Down 'Smurfs,' While George Clooney Takes a Few Shots at Sony by Erik Childress

The Schmoes Know Movie Show: The Top 5 Blue Heroes in Movies by

Marvel Studios Countdown: Is Sony Planning Black Cat and More Heroes for 'Amazing Spider-Man 2'? by John Gholson

New on DVD/Blu-ray: 'Oblivion' Twists the Familiar into Something Surprising, Three from the Disney Vault, and More by Peter Hall

New VOD and Streaming Movies, Plus: How to Watch 'Olympus Has Fallen,' 'Epic' and 'Lovelace' Before Disc by Robert B. DeSalvo

Film Face-off: Denzel Washington's Gun vs. Mark Wahlberg's Gun by Jeff Bayer

The Geek Beat: Why It's the Perfect Time for a 'Doctor Who' Movie by Rick Marshall

You're Old: 'The Fugitive' Came Out 20 Years Ago This Week by Eric D. Snider

Comics on Film: The Other 'Batman vs. Superman' Movie That Almost Was, Plus: The Best Batmobile Toy Ever? by Chris Clow

YA Movie Countdown: Why 'The Fault in Our Stars' Will Be Unlike Any Other Recent YA Adaptation by Perri Nemiroff

Cine Latino: 5 Reasons Why We Love Diego Luna by Elisa Osegueda

The Last Horror Blog: 'The Exorcist' on TV, 'See No Evil 2' and What to Expect from 'The Conjuring' Sequel by Mike Bracken

The Weekend Rent: 13 Unlucky Movies That Feature a Ruined Planet by Robert B. DeSalvo


Discussions, Giveaways and Galleries

Would Interactive Screenplays Make You Read More of Your Favorite Movies? by Christopher Campbell

Giveaway: BBQ with 'We're the Millers' Swag by

Your Top Three: Favorite R-Rated Comedies by Christopher Campbell

Poster-Crop Quiz: Guess These Previous Movies from the Cast of 'We're the Millers' by Brian Salisbury

New Movie Posters: 'The Family,' 'Her,' 'Don Jon' and More by Peter Hall

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