Best of the Week: A Tribute to the '80s, Horror Interviews, Arnold Schwarzenegger Showdown, and More

Best of the Week: A Tribute to the '80s, Horror Interviews, Arnold Schwarzenegger Showdown, and More

Mar 28, 2014

The Movie News:

Pablo Larrain will direct the remake of Scarface for Universal. The Grudge is getting a reboot

Eduardo Sanchez tells us that it's up to Lionsgate to remake The Blair Witch Project, but that he'd love to do it if it happened. And the director of Super Troopers wants to direct a new Cheech & Chong. Also, Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil is also getting a sequel. Barbershop 3 is happening.

Chris Evans would like to retire from acting and start directing, if only his Marvel contracts would let him. Depending on who you believe, Indiana Jones will be getting recast soon.

America's first 4D theater is opening in Los Angeles this summer. And this fall, Magic Mike 2 is going to start filming.


The Geek Stuff:

Discussion topics: Who should be in the remake of The Breakfast Club? Who are your top three "That Guy" Actors? Which characters should never be recast?

What are the five best recasting in comic book movies

Extreme apologizing is our new favorite movie promotion ever.

Here's the poem that Darren Aronofsky wrote when he was 13 that eventually made Noah possible.

Here's a gallery of this week's new movie posters.


The Videos:

The trailers: X-Men Days of Future Past, Hercules, Edge of Tomorrow, Let's Be Cops, Jupiter Ascending, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Into the Storm.

Speaking of, here's everything you need to know about the history of trailers.

Here's a chunk of one of Steven Spielberg's earliest movies, Firelight. And this amazing site let's you watch every pop-culture reference from The Office. Sticking with references, here's an hour-long tribute to the '80s. See the songs of Frozen used to calm kids during their freakouts.

This is a deleted scene from The Raid 2, which has more insane action than some action movies have in their entirety. Did you know the true story behind the masks in Eyes Wide Shut? An animator from DreamWorks turned his son into a YouTube sensation.

The Schmoes review Noah and Sabotage.


Our Features:

Looking forward to the sequel to Divergent? Here's our list of the seven things we want to see in Insurgent. How does the original Muppet sequel compare to the newest?

Here's our guide to this week's new DVDs and Blu-rays, and here's the new VOD offerings. And here's a guide to the movies, books, games and so on that geeks should look out for in April.

We spoke to two horror masters this week: The Blair Witch Project cocreator Eduardo Sanchez and Beneath director Larry Fessenden. Both interviews are great reads for horror fans.

Our Marvel expert offers a spoiler-free review of Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

We picked 10 movies that were actually enriched by religion. Here's why Arnold Schwarzenegger is an unsung hero of sci-fi. Speaking of Arnold, we leave you with this infographic:





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