Best of the Week: SXSW Reviews and Interviews, More 'Man of Steel' and 'The Matrix' on the Way and More

Best of the Week: SXSW Reviews and Interviews, More 'Man of Steel' and 'The Matrix' on the Way and More

Mar 17, 2017

The Important News

DC Extended Universe: Matthew Vaughn will direct Man of Steel 2. Production on The Batman appears to be delayed. Aquaman was pushed back. Adam Cozad will write Suicide Squad 2.

Spider-VerseSony greenlit and scheduled a solo Venom movie.

X-Men: Legion was renewed for a second season.

Remakes: J.D. Dillard will direct the next remake of The Fly.

Relaunches: Zak Penn is writing a new Matrix movie. He insists it's not a rebootThe Girl in the Spider's Nest is moving forward for a fall 2018 release.

Action Sequels: Dave Bautista joined Escape Plan 2. Ridley Scott wants to make Gladiator 2. Henry Cavill joined Mission: Impossible 6

Sci-Fi Sequels: Ridley Scott is planning at least four more Alien movies. Edward James Olmos will be in Blade Runner 2049.

Comedy Sequels: Eddie Murphy is writing Coming to America 2.

Video Game Movies: Malin Akerman will be the villain in Rampage.

YA Adaptations: Jennifer Aniston will star in Dumplin'.

Disaster Movies: Dwayne Johnson will battle a towering inferno in Skyscraper.

True Stories: Ridley Scott is directing a movie about the J. Paul Getty III kidnapping. Amy Ryan is reuniting with Steve Carell for addiction memoir Beautiful Boy.

Posthumous Works: Netflix will finish and release the final film by Orson Welles.

Box Office: Kong was king in theaters last weekend.

Ways of watching: Netflix wants pan and scan versiosn of movies for mobile users.


The Videos and Geek Stuff

New Movie Trailers: Baby DriverWonder WomanFree Fire, Megan LeaveyCoco, Early ManDespicable Me 3 and Smurfs: The Lost Village.

TV Spots: The Flash musical crossover with Supergirl.

Behind the Scenes: Ghost in the Shell visual effects showcase.

Movie Clips: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

Movie Pics: A Wrinkle in Time

Music Videos: Beauty and the Beast violin medley by Lindsey Stirling and "Beauty and the Beast" by Traci Hines and Nick Pitera.

Character Reprisals: Jeff Bridges brought out the Dude for John Goodman's Walk of Fame honor.

Fan Theories: The cars in Cars aren't cars and Life is a Venom prequel.

Movie Parodies: How Beauty and the Beast should have ended and Logan animated parody.

Mashups: La La Land meets Logan and Kong: Skull Island.

Easter Eggs: Disney animated features are all connected by Easter eggs.

Remade Trailers: The Belko Experiment in Lego and Wonder Woman in animation.

Remade Movie Scenes: Mariachi version of the Beauty and the Beast dance and The Belko Experiment in claymation.

Supercuts: God and Satan, Ben Stiller says "little," women cinematographers. and movie characters saying "let's go home."


Our Features

SXSW Reports: We listed our favorite movies of SXSW, we posted a brief response and Q&A video from the SXSW premiere of The Disaster Artist and a review of Atomic Blonde's awesome action scene.

SXSW Buzz: We collected responses to Baby Driver at SXSW, and responses to Atomic BlondeSong to Song and The Disaster Artist.

SXSW Interview: Alexandra Shipp and Breanna Hildebrand on Tragedy Girls and their X-Men characters.

Comic Book Movie Guides: We recapped and previewed Thanos's part in the MCU and detailed what's going on with The Batman.

Interview: Gareth Edwards on why we'll never see Rogue One's alternate scenes and on why Carrie Fisher didn't believe her Rogue One cameo.

Horror Movie Guide: We rounded up all the latest horror news and trailers.

Home Viewing: Our guide to everything hitting VOD this week





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