Best of the Week: Plenty More '80s Remakes Are Coming, 'The Raid 2' Video Game, Marvel News Galore, and More

Best of the Week: Plenty More '80s Remakes Are Coming, 'The Raid 2' Video Game, Marvel News Galore, and More

Apr 11, 2014

Movie News:

The Goonies, Wreck-It Ralph and Gremlins may be getting new movies. Oh, and Police Academy may be coming back, too. In more remake news, Timecop is back onCaptain America 3 is definitely happening. And a Mystique spin-off may happen as well.

Drew Goddard (The Cabin in the Woods) will direct the Spider-Man spin-off Sinister Six. The Truman Show is getting its own TV show.

Sadly, Mickey Rooney passed away this week.


The Geek Stuff:

The discussions: Who should play a James Bond villain? What is the best movie about nerds? What child actor do you see having a long career? What female superhero should get her own movie first?

Did you catch this Easter egg in Captain America: The Winter Soldier? Speaking of Cap, Robert Downey Jr. threw a party for some kids to watch it.

Play The Raid 2 as an 8-bit game in your Web browser. Check out this awesome "facehugger" table carved with a chainsaw.

Read the screenplay for Shaun of the Dead and feel really, really old.


The Videos:

The trailers: Neighbors, We Are the Best, Wish I Was Here, Borgman, Intramural, 22 Jump Street.

Check out this exclusive clip from A Field in England. And here's one from 13 Sins.

See this vintage making-of piece for Stand by Me. Speaking of vintage, here's a Blockbuster training video from 1990.

Here's what the most mind-blowing VFX in recent memory all have in common.


Our Features:

Here's our guide to everything hitting DVD/Blu-ray this week; and here's the new VOD releases; and all of April's horror movies.

How does the new Captain America compare to the first one? Speaking of sequels, how comic book movies escape the sequel curse. They may not have escaped the bad-villain problem, though.

These are the 10 greatest jump scares in horror movie history.

If you haven't been watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., here's a great way to understand how the show is setting up The Avengers 2.

Here's why Contact is the best sci-fi movie no one ever talks about.

The Schmoes review: Oculus and Rio 2, and Draft Day.




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