Best of the Week: Philip Seymour Hoffman Remembered, Best DVDs of January, Coolest Movie Sets and More

Best of the Week: Philip Seymour Hoffman Remembered, Best DVDs of January, Coolest Movie Sets and More

Feb 07, 2014

Features, Reviews and Interviews

Your February Movies Calendar: In Theaters, on Blu-ray, New VOD Releases and More by

Zoey Deutch and Lucy Fry Reveal Everything You Need to Know About 'Vampire Academy' by Perri Nemiroff

Watch: The Schmoes Review 'The Lego Movie' and 'The Monuments Men' by

DVD Obscura: The Indie and International Movies You Should Watch This Month by Alonso Duralde

Ten Actors Who Improved With Mustaches by Evan Saathoff

Coolest Movie Sets Ever: How They Filmed That 'Inception' Hallway Scene by Mike Bracken

Ben Wheatley Explains How a Bold Film Like 'A Field in England' Gets Made, Why 'High Rise' Is Next, and HBO's 'Silk Road' by Peter Hall



Box Office Report: The ‘Ride Along’ Continues While 'Labor Day' Is Awkwardly Buried by Erik Childress

Marvel Studios Countdown: How Important Is Race to 'Fantastic Four'? by John Gholson

New VOD and Streaming Movies, Plus: How to Watch 'Thor: The Dark World' at Home Before Disc by Robert B. DeSalvo

New on DVD/Blu-ray: 'About Time' Will Make a Grown Man Cry, Plus Two '80s Horror Classics Hit Blu-ray by Peter Hall

February Geek Guide: 'RoboCop' Spin-offs, 'Tomb Raider' Returns, Captain America Catch-up and More by Rick Marshall

Comics on Film: The Legacy of Lex Luthor and Why Jesse Eisenberg May Be a Perfect Fit for the Iconic Villain by Chris Clow

The Last Horror Blog: 'Resident Evil 6' Update, Cool Jason Trivia, 'Argento's Dracula' Review, and More! by Mike Bracken


Discussions, Giveaways and Galleries

Your Top Three: Philip Seymour Hoffman Movies by Christopher Campbell

Your Top Three: Movies Set During WWII by Christopher Campbell

Poster-Crop Quiz: Can You Guess These Movies from 'The Lego Movie' Voice Cast? by Brian Salisbury

New Movie Posters: 'Jodorowsky's Dune,' 'Noah,' 'Love & Air Sex' and More by Peter Hall




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