Best of the Week: The Oscars, Razzies, CES, 'Star Wars' and the Truth About Gangsters

Best of the Week: The Oscars, Razzies, CES, 'Star Wars' and the Truth About Gangsters

Jan 11, 2013

Reviews, Interviews and Editorials

Dialogue: Ann Dowd Explains Financing Her Own Oscar Campaign for 'Compliance' by Scott Neumyer

Watch: The Schmoes Review 'Texas Chainsaw 3D' by

Dialogue: 'John Dies at the End' Director Don Coscarelli Explains Why He Makes Every Movie Like It's His Last by Peter Hall

Kathryn Bigelow’s Mind-Boggling Oscar Snub for 'Zero Dark Thirty' by Monika Bartyzel

'FrackNation' vs. 'Gasland' - A Tale of Two Propaganda Documentaries by Christopher Campbell

Why We Don't Need That Live-Action 'Star Wars' TV Show by Erik Davis


Columns and Features

'Gangster Squad's Mickey Cohen: 9 Bizarre Facts About the Real-Life Gangster

Box Office Report: 'Texas Chainsaw' Starts 2013 with Solid Weekend; 'Zero Dark Thirty' Primed for an Even Bigger One by Erik Childress

When Can I Watch 'The Impossible' with My Kids? by Sean O'Connell

New Video on Demand: Watch 'Hotel Transylvania' Before Disc and Charlie Sheen's Latest Before Theaters by Robert B. DeSalvo

CES News for Movie Fans: Netflix SuperHD, 4K TVs, and a Gloomy Outlook for Collectors by Peter Hall

New on DVD/Blu-ray: The Best Action and Animated Movies of 2012 You Probably Skipped in Theaters by Peter Hall

A Complete Guide to Who Parodies Who in the Movies by Evan Saathoff

Why We Love the Razzies (Plus the Full List of 2013 Nominees) by Mike Bracken

The Best - and Worst - Movie Promos of the Week, by Perri Nemiroff

The Weekend Rent: A 'Squad' of Antigun Movies, by Robert B. DeSalvo

The Geek Beat: Guillermo del Toro's DC 'Dark Universe,' a 'Star Trek' Super Bowl, and a Modern 'Man of Steel' by Chris Clow

New 'Star Wars' Comic Book Returns to the Time of the Original Trilogy by Chris Clow

What to Watch in 2013 to Get Your 'Hunger Games' Fix While Waiting for 'Catching Fire' by Perri Nemiroff

Cine Latino: 'Gangster Squad''s Michael Peña on Playing César E. Chávez and Being a Badass by Elisa Osegueda

Our Expert Predicts the 2013 Oscar Nominations by Erik Childress

Books Steven Spielberg Needs to Adapt Now That 'Robopocalypse' Is on Ice by Peter Hall

Last Horror Blog Presents 10 of the Best Horror Movies of 2012 by Mike Bracken


Discussions, Giveaways and Galleries

Exclusive: 'Movie 43' Pics Show Off Maniac Elizabeth Banks, Leprechaun Gerard Butler and More by Peter Hall

New Pics and Storyboards from 'The Baytown Outlaws' Show a Special Blend of Southern Hospitality by

Which Film Franchise Do You Think Is Most Inevitable for a Reboot? by Christopher Campbell

Giveaway: 'Gangster Squad' Gear by

Poster-Crop Quiz and Giveaway: Guess These 'Dredd'-Related Movies and Win a Copy of the Blu-ray by Brian Salisbury

Oscars vs. Golden Globes: Which Nominations Got It Right This Year? by Christopher Campbell

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