Best of the Week: Oscar Nominations, Golden Globe Winners, 'Cloverfield' Sequel and More

Best of the Week: Oscar Nominations, Golden Globe Winners, 'Cloverfield' Sequel and More

Jan 15, 2016

The Important News

Awards: The Revenant and Mad Max: Fury Road led the Oscar nominationsThe Revenant and The Martian led the Golden Globe winners. Ridley Scott and many first-timers received DGA Award nominations. And the worst movies got their Razzie nominations.

Box Office: The Revenant was not able to knock Star Wars: The Force Awakens from its box office throne.

More Star Wars Mania: Eight actors were shortlisted for the role of young Han Solo. Princess Leia will appear on Star Wars RebelsStar Wars VIII will reportedly be much darker. J.J. Abrams commented on the theories of Rey's parentage.

Marvel Madness: Ryan Coogler was confirmed to helm Black Panther.

DC Delirium: Amber Heard will play Hera in Aquaman and Justice League.

Sequelitis: Creed 2 was set for a November 2017 releaseWorld War Z needs a new director. George Miller confirmed he still is going to make more Mad Max sequels

Franchise Fever: Chronicles of Narnia is being rebootedFast and Furious 8 will take the series in a new direction. Ridley Scott said Alien: Covenant will aim for a hard R rating.

Casting Net: Adam Driver will star in the next Jim Jarmusch movie.

Remake Report: Ridley Scott might direct the movie version of The Prisoner. Jake Kasdan will direct the Jumanji remake.

New Directors/New Films: Louis Leterrier will direct The Fireman. Guillermo del Toro might direct Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.

Play Time: Quentin Tarantino is adapting The Hateful Eight for the stage.

R.I.P.: David Bowie died of cancer at 69. Alan Rickman also died of cancer at 69.


The Videos and Geek Stuff

New Movie Trailers: 10 Cloverfield Lane, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Green RoomThe Secret Life of PetsMoney MonsterFree State of Jones, Rabid Dogs, Sing StreetThe Witch and Triple 9.

TV Spots: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Race.

Watch: A fake trailer for a serious version of Dumb & Dumber.

See: New Deadpool marketing fun.

Watch: A fake trailer for Ride Along 3.

See: How they shot the craziest scene in The Revenant.

Watch: The Revenant parodied as an Oregon Trail movie.

See: The best Star Wars cosplay of the last five years.

Watch: The official music video tie-in promoting China's Star Wars: The Force Awakens release.

See: Where Maz Kanata appears to show up in The Phantom Menace.

Watch: A time-lapse tribute to the 70mm projection of The Hateful Eight.

See: The problem with movie trailers today.

Learn: How Hollywood makes their movies scientifically accurate.

See: Hologram recreations of your favorite movie scenes.


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