Best of the Week: New 'Star Wars' Villain, 'Inception' Board Game, Best Picture Viewing Guide and More

Best of the Week: New 'Star Wars' Villain, 'Inception' Board Game, Best Picture Viewing Guide and More

Feb 28, 2014

In case you were out of the loop this week, here's an easy way to get back in and catch up on everything you missed.


The Movie News:

Losing Harold Ramis had to be the worst news of the week. But apparently that's not stopping Ghostbusters 3. The most interesting news has to be that one of the stars of Girls will be the villain in Star Wars: Episode VII. Oh, and M. Night Shyamalan assures us that his latest script is blowing people away.

The guys behind This Is the End are now tackling the rivalry between Nintendo and Sega for Console Wars. And while that sounds Social Network-like, the guys behind The Social Network are making a new Steve Jobs biopic. Producers of The Lego Movie are makng a Minecraft movie.


The Geek Stuff:

Look at the imagined Pixar versions of this year's Best Picture nominees. Also, how about this mind-blowing theory about Pixar's Toy Story movies? Muppets take selfies in another bit of cute viral marketing. An art project for the cannibal who is also celebrity-obsessed. Someone made an Inception board game. Witness President Obama announcing plans for a real-life Iron Man.

Learn how computer wizards created some of the best scenes in Gravity and then watch how movie-trailer pros construct the perfect spot. Coinciding with the big Star Wars news, we spotlighted a cool set from Return to Jedi.


The Videos:

The Godzilla remake wins trailer of the week. Also check out the latest trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Watch Ridley Scott's 1956 directorial debutBoy and Bicycle. And Steven Soderbergh's take on the shower scene in Psycho

See the Schmoes review Non-Stop and Son of God. Jonah Hill talks about pranking Best Buy while Steven Spielberg disses Oscar nominees almost 40 years ago. Virgin Atlantic safety video targets movie fans while Netflix disses Amazon in a new ad and Kevin Bacon pays tribute to his best characters for Google TV. 


The Features:

Our guide to where to watch this year's Best Picture nominees. Our guide to Doctor Strange will get you up to speed before the character joins the Marvel Movie Universe. Speaking of Marvel movies, here's the second part of our interview with writer-director Drew Pearce. We follow the evolution of the superhero movie. The best movies of 2013 according to comics creators

We talked to Ethan Embry about his resurrected career. Here's everything hitting VOD this week. And here's the Blu-ray and DVD guide, too. Here are 10 reasons not to mess with Liam Neeson. Here are your top three Harold Ramis movies. And here are your top three Best Picture winners

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