Best of the Week: Horror Movies Everywhere, Remembering Roger Ebert, and More

Best of the Week: Horror Movies Everywhere, Remembering Roger Ebert, and More

Apr 05, 2013

Reviews, Interviews and Features

The 10 Best Moments from Marvel's Phase One Movies by Evan Saathoff

Check Out This Trippy Alternate Poster for 'Room 237' (Exclusive) by Erik Davis

Dialogue: Jon M. Chu on Future 'G.I. Joe' Movies, Standalone Sequels, 'He-Man' and More by Todd Gilchrist

Which Rusty Griswold Is Ed Helms Playing in 'Vacation'? by John Gholson

Disney's 2015 Film Slate Is Insane: 'The Avengers 2,' 'Pirates 5,' 'Star Wars,' 'Ant-Man,' 'Finding Dory' and More by Erik Davis

How Producer Jason Blum Is Saving the Hollywood Horror Movie by Peter Hall

Our 'Evil Dead' Infographic: Kills, Nudity, Chainsaws, Box Office and More by John Gholson

10 Horror Movies That Prove You Can Be Extremely Gory and Genuinely Great by Jacob S. Hall

Watch: Love Is Beauty in New 'To the Wonder' Spot by Alison Nastasi

Watch: The Schmoes Review 'Evil Dead' by

Six Movies with Books as Horrifying as 'Evil Dead''s Necronomicon by Mike Bracken



Box Office Report: 'Retaliation' and 'Temptation' Own Easter Weekend, but No Party for 'The Host' by Erik Childress

You're Old: 'Monty Python's The Meaning of Life' Came Out 30 Years Ago by Eric D. Snider

New On Demand: How to Watch 'Django Unchained' and 'The Impossible' Before Disc by Robert B. DeSalvo

The Geek Beat: Five Post-'Return of the Jedi' Questions That 'Star Wars: Episode VII' Can Answer by Chris Clow

New on DVD/Blu-ray: Marvel's Phase One Set Arrives, As Do 70+ Years of Warner Bros.' Greatest Romances by Peter Hall

'Man of Steel' Countdown: The Lex Luthor Debate, Plus Henry Cavill on Brits Playing American Superheroes by Jeffrey Taylor

Cine Latino: What Are Antonio Banderas and Zoe Saldana Up to? by Elisa Osegueda

The Best - and Worst - Movie Trailers of the Week by Perri Nemiroff

When Can I Watch 'Jurassic Park' with My Kids? by Sean O'Connell

The Weekend Rent: The 10 Best Ways to Catch Cabin Fever by Robert B. DeSalvo


Discussions, Giveaways and Galleries

New 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Images, Plus 'Pacific Rim' Cards and 'Great Gatsby' Posters by

What Movie News of the Last Year Do You Wish Was a Joke? by Christopher Campbell

Juno Temple Smokes Money in This Freakalicious Poster for 'The Brass Teapot' by Peter Hall

Gallery: The Incredible Sci-fi Worlds Steven Spielberg Has Given Us Over the Years by Peter Martin

Do You Prefer Remakes or Prequels? by Christopher Campbell

Poster-Crop Quiz: Can You Pick Out the Best and Worst Horror Remakes? by Brian Salisbury

The Accessible Icon: What Did Roger Ebert Mean to You? by Christopher Campbell

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