Best of the Week: Holiday Gift Guide, 2013 Sci-fi Movie Awards, 'Divergent' Sneak Peek and More

Best of the Week: Holiday Gift Guide, 2013 Sci-fi Movie Awards, 'Divergent' Sneak Peek and More

Dec 20, 2013

Features, Reviews and Interviews

The 'Inside Llewyn Davis' Tour of New York City by Alex Suskind

After 'The Amazing Spider-Man 3,' Will This Guy Become Spider-Man? by John Gholson

Film Face-off: 'The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers' vs. 'The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug' by Jeff Bayer

Will 'Dhoom 3' Be the Holiday Season's Unlikeliest Hit? by Matthew Kiernan

'Anchorman' Is Still the Greatest Comedy of the 21st Century by Jacob S. Hall

Judgment Dave: The Box Office Disappointments of 2013 You Probably Would Have Enjoyed by Dave White

Director’s Notebook: David Lowery on the ‘Ain’t Them Bodies Saints’ Scene He’d Do Over Again and How Harvey Weinstein Helped Fix It by Jason Guerrasio

The Holiday Gift Guide: Part 1, Blu-rays and DVDs by Peter Hall

The 10 People Who "Won" 2013 at the Movies by Jacob S. Hall

Watch: The Schmoes Review 'Anchorman 2' by

The Holiday Gift Guide Part 2: Books, Toys and More by Peter Hall

We Get a Sneak Peek at 'Divergent' with Neil Burger by Perri Nemiroff

Why 'Mary Poppins' Is the Greatest Live-Action Disney Movie of All Time by Jacob S. Hall

Listen: The Best Movies of 2013 by



Box Office Report: 'Hobbit' Handily Tops Weekend -- Does Its Smaller Start Mean Anything? by Erik Childress

New on DVD/Blu-ray: 'The Lone Ranger' and 'Prisoners,' Two of the Best-Shot Movies of 2013 by Peter Hall

New VOD and Streaming Movies, Plus: How to Watch 'Riddick' and 'Don Jon' Before Disc at Home by Robert B. DeSalvo

The Best Double Features of 2013: 'I Declare War' and 'Kings of Summer' by Perri Nemiroff

Comics on Film: Which Superhero Cinematic Universe Will Reign Supreme? by Chris Clow

The Best Double Features of 2013: 'Pain & Gain' and 'The Wolf of Wall Street' by Peter Hall

The Geek Beat: Spider Skepticism, Crossover Concerns and More Questions That Bother Us About New Geek Movies by Rick Marshall

The Last Sci-fi Blog: The 2013 Science Fiction Movie Awards by Jacob S. Hall

The Best - and Worst - Movie Trailers of the Week by Perri Nemiroff


Discussions, Giveaways and Galleries

Your Top Three: Peter O'Toole Movies by Christopher Campbell

Could We Ever See a Big Movie Released the Way Beyonce's New Album Dropped? by Christopher Campbell

Poster-Crop Quiz: Can You Figure Out These Movies from the Cast of 'Anchorman 2'? by Brian Salisbury




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