Best of the Week: 'Fantastic Four' Casting, 'Space Jam' Remade, 'Avengers 2' Lovers, and More

Best of the Week: 'Fantastic Four' Casting, 'Space Jam' Remade, 'Avengers 2' Lovers, and More

Feb 21, 2014

We're trying a new format for our Best of the Week feature. So, in case you were out of the loop this week, here's an easy way to get back in and catch up on everything you missed.


The Movie News:

Ron Howard is in talks to direct a live-action Jungle Book movie for Warner Bros. Rumor has it the star of Transformers 4 is up for Star Wars: Episode VII. Ride Along 2 is definitely happening. Jai Courtney has signed on to play Kyle Reese in Terminator: Genesis. Fox has cast its Fantastic Four movie, and it's pissing off a lot of fans. Lego Ninjago and Sex and the City 3 might both be coming. Will Smith is still doing big-budget sci-fi, just not Independence Day 2.


The Geek Stuff:

Nike is actually planning to make Back to the Future II shoes with power laces in 2015. A woman got arrested for not paying late fees on a movie she rented nine years ago. Space Jam has been remade in NBA 2K14. What does an expert on artificial intelligence think of Her?

You know you want to see Leonardo Nimoy host a behind-the-scenes look at Return of the Jedi. Sticking with vintage clips, check out this Entertainment Tonight clip about the special effects movies of 1988.


The Videos:

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy wins trailer of the week. Here's how the Criterion Collection restores old movies. Check out the trailer for Tom Hardy's Locke. Watch Oliver Stone's rarely seen directorial debut, Seizure. Kids reenact the 2014 Best Picture nominees, and it's the darndest thing. Deleted scenes from Frozen have already wound up online. 

See the Schmoes review Pompeii, 3 Days to Kill and In Secret. Phil Lord explains about the time he was fired from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Here's video proof that Stanley Kubrick wasn't always a grump.


The Features:

Of course we compared the original RoboCop versus the remake. And speaking of remakes, can a generation ever truly love one when they already love the original? Our Marvel expert looks at what potential "power couple" will be in Age of Ultron. Here's everything hitting VOD this week. And here's the Blu-ray and DVD guide as well. Was Vampire Academy the final nail in the coffin of the young-adult craze?

Office Space came out 15 years ago, which means you are officially old (plus, watch the animated short that inspired it). Like horror anthologies? You'll love this list. Also, here are your top three Kevin Costner movies. And disaster movies.




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