Best of the Week: 'Batman v Superman' Reviewed, New 'Wonder Woman' Images and Details and More

Best of the Week: 'Batman v Superman' Reviewed, New 'Wonder Woman' Images and Details and More

Mar 25, 2016

The Important News

DC Delirium: Entertainment Weekly debuted a badass new Wonder Woman photo. Zack Snyder revealed more details about the Batman v Superman R-rated cut.

Star Wars Mania: Miles Teller admitted he hadn't seen Star Wars until he was going out for the young Han Solo role.

Sequelitis: Kristen Bell announced she's recording dialogue for Frozen 2 very soon. Paul McCartney will co-star in the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

Franchise Fever: Zack Snyder wants more 300 movies for other battles in history.

Remake Report: Michael Ealy will star in the Jacob's Ladder remake. Daisy Ridley confirmed she's in talks for the new Tomb Raider. Shane Black says his Predator will be a giant blockbuster.

Casting Net: Margot Robbie will star in a Tonya Harding biopic. Michael Stuhlbarg will star in the next Guillermo del Toro movie. Taylor Kitsch will star in and direct Pieces. Sarah Silverman joined Battle of the Sexes.

Animation Station: Bubbles the chimp will be the focus of a stop-motion animated movie.

Box Office: Zootopia remained the top movie in America last weekendBatman v Superman had a great opening night.

R.I.P.: Garry Shandling died at 66.


The Videos and Geek Stuff

New Movie Trailers: The Lego Batman Movie, Deepwater HorizonThe Nice GuysHush, War DogsThe Huntsman: Winter's War, Last Days in the DesertLove & Friendship and Bridget Jones's Baby.

TV spot: Demolition.

Watch: 10 reasons to see Batman v Superman.

See: Sweet Batman v Superman fan art. And an image showing the evolution of the Batmobile.

Watch: The evolution of Batman in TV and movies. And the evolution of Superman in TV and movies.

See: What Batman v Superman would have looked like in 1995. And what Batman v Superman looks like starring Ben Affleck in both roles.

Watch: Honest trailers for Batman and Superman. And Batman v Superman in court.

See: Edge of Tomorrow reimagined as a romantic comedy.

Watch: Jake Gyllenhaal describes his terrible audition for The Lord of the Rings.

See: Portraits of the stars of The Jungle Book with the animal characters they play.

Watch: Chris Pratt gives a tour of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 set.

See: New images from the Star Wars: The Force Awakens deleted scenes. And a comparison of scenes in The Force Awakens and the original Star Wars.

Learn: Why a man was arrested for renting Freddy Got Fingered.

Watch: A mashup of Meteor Man versus Blankman.

See: This week's new movie posters.


Our Features

New Movie Guides: What's Good and Bad About Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. And Batman v Superman reviewed by a Superman geek. See everything you need to know about Batman v Superman in one image.

Geek Movie Guide: How Batman v Superman can win over Man of Steel haters.

Interview: Laurence Fishburne on Batman v Superman.

List: All the Batman movies ranked.

SXSW Buzz: Under the Shadow is this year's The Babadook.

SXSW Buzz: Beware the Slenderman finds harsh reality in the urban legend.

SXSW Interview: Fede Alvarez on Don't Breathe. And the cast of Don't Breathe.

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Home Viewing: Here's our guide to everything hitting VOD this week. And here's our guide to all the indies and foreign films you need to check out on video.





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