The Best Oscars Stat: That Pizza Place Received Over $10 Million in Free Advertising

The Best Oscars Stat: That Pizza Place Received Over $10 Million in Free Advertising

Mar 03, 2014

Photo via @NewsBreaker

A California pizza chain stole the spotlight from amicable host Ellen DeGeneres during last night’s Academy Awards ceremony. At one point during the evening, she awkwardly insisted on ordering the A-listers in the front rows pizza — and suddenly, a somewhat flustered delivery man showed up with boxes of hot slices in hand. Like many, we assumed the stunt was a fake, but the gentleman bearing nature’s perfect food happened to be the owner of chain Big Mama's & Papa's Pizzeria.

The eatery was paid to delivery pies to the big show, but it also got around $10 million in free advertising after Ellen’s cheese-filled charade. TMZ reports: “A single spot on the telecast ran for around $1.8 million… according to Variety.  We timed it out… Ellen spent two minutes passing out the three pies and another minute collecting the cash. That's $10.8 mil.”

The Oscar host has ordered from the Los Angeles-based pizzeria for her talk show staff before and even had the chain create a massive 54” pie, capable of feeding 50-70 people. We hope Big Mama’s and Papa’s owner Edgar Martirosyan was tipped generously as teased during the segment, but at least he scored a sizable amount of airtime for his shop. Apparently the orders that evening were nonstop and Martirosyan worked ‘round the clock until he ran out of dough and the website ordering system crashed. Relive the magic of last night's pizza party, below.


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