Watch the Five Best Oscar Moments: Boobs, Ted, Adele, 'Les Mis' and Affleck's Wicked Speech

Watch the Five Best Oscar Moments: Boobs, Ted, Adele, 'Les Mis' and Affleck's Wicked Speech

Feb 25, 2013

Well, the 2013 Academy Awards are in the books, and while the show felt uneven -- like a tug and pull between Seth MacFarlane's potty humor and traditional Oscar glitz and glam -- this year's installment definitely did bring some memorable moments along with it. After all, an Oscar telecast that opens with a musical number about boob reveals is definitely one worth talking about. 

Here are our picks for the five best moments from the 2013 Oscars:

1. An Opening Musical Number About Boobs

The Academy clearly handed over the first half hour of its show to MacFarlane and let him dream big. That he most certainly did with this opening musical number about famous boob reveals.

2. Adele Performs "Skyfall"

No one belts out a tune like Adele, and her version of "Skyfall" live proved she deserved every gold piece of that Oscar for Best Song.

Bonus: Shirley Bassey brought a little old-school Bond to the ceremony by surprising the crowd with this rendition of "Goldfinger." 

3. The Cast of Les Misérables Perform

Apart from the Bond and boob songs, another memorable musical number came when Catherine Zeta-Jones, Jennifer Hudson and the cast of Les Misérables all performed songs from their respective movies. Here's how the cast of Les Mis finished this segment off strong.

4. Ted and Mark Wahlberg

Say what you want about Ted, but you have to admit the special effects for this foul-mouthed, Boston-accented teddy bear are pretty amazing. Here's one of the night's funnier presentations featuring Mark Wahlberg alongside his Ted costar. 

Bonus: Here's How They Created the 'Ted' Segment

According to Tippett Studio (the folks who brought Ted to life in the movie and at the Oscars), here's how they created the segment (via Coming Soon): "... a duplicate of the Academy Awards® stage was constructed at CBS Studios, with lighting and cameras situated to match the Dolby Theatre™ set up. The feat involved planning exact camera positions so that the animation, rendered using Dell Precision workstations, would integrate seamlessly on Oscar Night® with Wahlberg and the show audience. With five nominees in each category, Tippett artists created 10 different outcomes in just a four-week production schedule. As the winners were unknown before the envelope was opened, Mischer and his team sat at the ready to push the button for the correct winner during the live broadcast."

5. Ben Affleck's Wicked-Awesome Speech

Finally, we didn't get a whole lot of over-the-top acceptance speeches, though our favorite definitely came when a visibly shaken Ben Affleck stepped up to the mic after his movie Argo won Best Picture. Clearly going off the script with his heart racing a mile a minute, Affleck's speech was full of pure emotion and capped off a wild ride for the man and his movie about a fake movie.

Bonus: For the first time in history, you can now watch the entire Academy Awards show online right now via Hulu. 

What was your favorite moment from the 2013 Oscar ceremony?

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