The Best New Horror Movies to Watch On Demand This Halloween

The Best New Horror Movies to Watch On Demand This Halloween

Oct 30, 2013

Need new horror movies to watch this Halloween? Don't worry about sifting through title after title in the hopes of finding something good. That's why we're here. Just as we did last year, we've sorted through the digital stacks to bring you a list of the best new horror movies you can find via Video On Demand (VOD) services.

Some of these are available on DVD already, but if streaming rentals are your thing, you should be able to find all of the below on your VOD platform of choice, be it cable, iTunes, Amazon, Vudu or any other service. And you should indeed find them, since each one is a horror movie from the last three months that's sure to either put a smile on your face or a shiver down your spine this Halloween season.

Note: We're focusing entirely on nonwide releases here. If you only care about Hollywood movies, just rent The Conjuring. But trust us, these are the movies you want to see to be up-to-date on what's cool and new in the genre.


One name alone should have horror junkies interested in Hellbenders: J.T. Petty. If you're a more casual fan who doesn't instantly recognize the name, he's the man behind The Burrowers (a fantastic creature feature), S&man (a deeply unsettling look at underground horror), Mimic: Sentinel (the best Mimic sequel), and Soft for Digging (his first film, that only recently became available for purchase online). He's one of the best indie horror guys around, and we wish he made movies twice as often as he's able to.

As for the movie in question here, Hellbenders is a horror-comedy about a secret team of ministers who dedicate their lives to sin, which makes it possible for them to be possessed by demons so innocent people don't have to be. It is not the scariest option on this list, but it's also not trying to be. It's an occasionally goofy movie steeped in horror routes with some cool creature effects and big ideas.

Saturday Morning Mystery

How's this for a pitch: What if a Scooby Doo-like team of investigators went into a house that was actually haunted? That's the setup for the low-budget but creative Saturday Morning Mystery. As with Hellbenders, this has a lot of fun playing with horror conventions, so you're probably going to find more reasons to chuckle than crap your pants, but it makes for a fun, light Halloween movie.

Jug Face

If kinda weird but definitely creepy is your thing, Jug Face is your ticket this Halloween. It's an offbeat, increasingly strange film about a teen girl living in a small community in the woods -- a community that happens to occasionally sacrifice one of its own to a creature in a pit in the woods. This is a uniquely American slice of freaky, backwoods horror and you'd do right by the pit to give it a watch.

Frankenstein's Army

Honestly, it bites that Frankenstein's Army is found footage, because it flat out does not need to be. This is likely yet another case of a financier somewhere saying "found footage is popular, so make it like that," and it does no favors here. Having said that, even with the shaky cam, this is a pretty out-there, period-piece horror movie about a squad of Russian soldiers who discover a secret Nazi experiment carrying on the work of a one Dr. Victor Frankenstein. It's got some pretty incredible (and practical) creature work in it, so it's worth that alone-- so long as you can get past the needless camera approach.


There are scenes in V/H/S/2 that you will never unsee. That's probably one of the highest compliments you can pay a horror movie, but we promise you it's the case here. This is a great horror anthology, one where even the weakest segments are stronger than most feature films. And the best of the bunch contain things that will rock your world. If you're putting on a Halloween watching party this year, this must be in the mix.

Big Ass Spider!

Speaking of great movies to watch with a group, go ahead and plunk down some money for Big Ass Spider! This isn't a bad movie like Sharknado that half-asses things because it thinks you'll laugh at it more that way. This is a legitimately funny giant-monster movie with a good cast having fun with actual characters, all while a big-ass spider wreaks havoc across the city. 

Ghost Team One

I seem to be in the minority of people who think that Ghost Team One is actually a funny movie (read our interview with the directors here), so I will caution that you should watch the trailer for this one as a litmus test before going forward. If it gets some laughs out of you, chances are you're going to like the actual movie. If it doesn't, just move along. I wish the ending were a tad less... ridiculous... but overall it's got a great premise for a found-footage movie that sets up some good laughs and scenarios.


If only all microbudget indie horror movies were as creative and original as Resolution. This is a twisty, mind-bender of a film, and it goes down roads and explores themes that are way more sophisticated than your standard cabin-in-the-woods horror movie. We won't say what it's about beyond a friend chaining another friend to an empty house to help him go cold turkey off of meth, but if you like smart horror, you're going to like Resolution.

No One Lives

Here we have yet another flawed, but entertaining horror movie that's worth mentioning because it's deliciously batty and over the top. From the director of Midnight Meat Train, No One Lives is about a gang of obnoxious criminals who inadvertently kidnap a woman who is the trophy of a maniac serial killer (Luke Evans in his best role yet). So then the movie becomes about a group of unlikable assholes trying to survive a weirdly likeable psychopath, which makes for a fun dynamic. If you like quick, gory slashers with a few memorable kills and a wholly nutso bad guy, go with this.

The Battery

Love zombies but tired of every other zombie movie being the same damned thing? Enter The Battery, a resourceful, unnerving film that gets back to a postzombie world that's not filled with undead track runners who sprint at everything that moves. Yes, these are old-school, slow, shuffling corpses out for human flesh, but more importantly, The Battery paints a sparse, empty world, where humanity and optimism are in short supply. This is the kind of horror movie that may not keep you up at night, but it will stick with you all the same.

Honorable Mentions: Curse of Chucky, Fright Night 2, All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, Cockneys vs. Zombies, The Lords of Salem, Byzantium.




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