The Best Movie Trailers of the Week

The Best Movie Trailers of the Week

Jan 16, 2015

Welcome back to Best Movie Trailers of the Week, a column where we handpick the best new movie trailers that have arrived online over the past week.


A horror movie that takes place entirely on a computer screen during a group video chat sounds like a downright ridiculous and impossible concept, but this first trailer for Universal Pictures’ Unfriended actually makes me think it might work. The story is timely, the visuals are surprisingly dynamic and the material is unnerving enough to put you on edge, even after just under three minutes of it. No, a good trailer doesn’t guarantee a good film, but this one did leave me rooting for Unfriended to wind up a winner.



Get Hard

I’ve seen my fair share of Will Ferrell films and a bunch of Kevin Hart’s comedies, too. I assumed Get Hard would be more of the same, but it turns out they’ve got a really infectious chemistry that makes the material fun, fresh and surprisingly engaging. There’s a good deal of laughing at their characters, but this trailer also sells Get Hard as a comedy with an appropriate amount of humanity to it as well.




They could keep dishing out trailers of Chappie painting and petting puppies and I’m sure I’d love every single one of them, but this new U.K. trailer for Neill Blomkamp’s latest goes a major step further by offering up a far more expansive look at the state of the world and Chappie’s place in it. As much as I love all the cutesy, learning-the-ways-of-the-world moments, you need more to sustain a full feature and this latest trailer suggests that Chappie’s really got it, and it does so in a manner that feels more natural than the way the domestic edition approaches it.



Avengers: Age of Ultron

Marvel really set the bar high with that first trailer so it’s no surprise that this new one pales in comparison, but it’s still a highly effective, well-composed promo that sells Avengers: Age of Ultron as a particularly epic superhero film with one heck of a vicious villain. It’s also well worth noting how well the two pieces play together. This trailer needed that first one to set the tone and introduce the “Got No Strings” component, and now it’s in a place where it can up the intensity and continue to build Ultron’s threat as we take a step closer to the film’s May 1 debut date. Hopefully future promos continue the trend.




There’s a reason we’re getting more and more Melissa McCarthy movies -- she’s got loads of on-screen charisma. A lot of the jokes in the first trailer for Paul Feig’s Spy actually play very well, but the biggest takeaway is the charm McCarthy brings to the character. Her shtick in Tammy was amusing, but based on this trailer it looks as though Susan Cooper will make for a richer lead who can still nail all the humor.



Run All Night

After Taken 3 I thought I’d have zero interest in seeing another Liam Neeson save-the-day movie, but there’s just something insanely appealing about watching him kick some you know what in this new Run All Night trailer. There’s really nothing about the piece to suggest the feature has any mind-blowingly unique qualities to it, but between Neeson, the strong music cues and the fairly powerful narrative build, this trailer has no trouble selling the film.



What are your favorite movie trailers of the week?




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