The Best Movie Trailers of the Week

The Best Movie Trailers of the Week

Sep 12, 2014

Welcome back to Best Movie Trailers of the Week, a column where we handpick the best new movie trailers that have arrived online over the past week.

The Homesman

The Homesman

This new trailer for Tommy Lee Jones’ The Homesman is a little slow to start, but once we meet Hilary Swank’s Mary Bee Cuddy and discover what she’s all about, the appeal of the narrative takes hold. Simply put, the piece will make you wonder how they make it through this seemingly impossible trek alive... and the famous faces they meet along the way don’t hurt either. Who’s going to pass on a film starring Jones, Swank, Meryl Streep, John Lithgow, Hailee Steinfeld and more?

Maps to the Stars

Thanks to her Best Actress win at Cannes, we’ve known that Julianne Moore delivers a winning performance in David Cronenberg’s Maps to the Stars, but this latest trailer for the film really proves it. The first 20 seconds make up a single shot of her talking on the phone, complaining about petty things, but there’s something so magnetizing about her demeanor and delivery that pulls you right in. After that, the trailer’s unusual tenor and characters take hold. What starts as a satire of sorts becomes threatening and even rather vicious, but the trailer only teases the source of the malice. 


One strong trailer is great, but when a marketing team can then deliver another that upholds the previously established tone while broadening the situation, that’s when you know the full feature’s got some serious potential -- and so is the case with David Ayer’s latest, Fury. The first trailer offered up a comprehensive sense of the main characters’ position in the war and what they’re up against, but this new international edition digs deeper by putting the focus on Logan Lerman’s Norman, the tank-crew newcomer. The large majority of this mini narrative is told from his perspective, which makes the material incredibly accessible and also adds a whole new layer to what we got from Brad Pitt’s Wardaddy in the previous trailer.

The Town That Dreaded Sundown

This isn’t a particularly well-composed trailer, but thanks to a strong finale, it does leave you wanting more -- and when it comes to promo material, isn’t that what matters? There are clearly better ways to convey what the Phantom Killer is all about than through lifeless exposition, and the second half of the piece actually proves it. After spending two thirds of the running time trying and failing to build the world and sell the story, the trailer ultimately pulls it off in a matter of seconds simply by letting us experience a Phantom Killer attack.

What are your favorite movie trailers of the week?




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