The Best Movie Trailers of the Week

The Best Movie Trailers of the Week

Jun 20, 2014

Welcome back to Best Movie Trailers of the Week, a column where we handpick the best new movie trailers that have arrived online over the past week.

Rocket Raccoon in Guardians of the Galaxy

The Two Faces of January

This new trailer for The Two Faces of January is plodding to start, but the moment Viggo Mortensen kills that investigator, you snap to attention. This situation is no joke. From there, we get a string of striking imagery paired with a notably eerie tone that flows right into the tension and panic of the second half of the trailer. There are no gunfights, yelling or car chases, just an infectious beat and powerful build that make the characters’ anxiety palpable.   

The Expendables 3

There’s nothing groundbreaking about the latest trailer for The Expendables 3, but it’s still a rock-solid promo because it highlights exactly what every Expendables fan wants: action icons, an onslaught of firepower and wicked stunts. Having Mel Gibson state “We had a falling out” is a lame way to get the story across, but at that point the soundtrack and impeccable beat have already taken hold and carry you right through the end of the piece with a notable amount of momentum.

Guardians of the Galaxy

After the whole Ant-Man meltdown, it’s nice to know that Marvel is still honoring one of the main draws of Guardians of the Galaxy – the fact that it’s different. The Avengers are great and all, but this offbeat spin on the genre is immensely refreshing and appealing. Even with a more somber tone, this new international trailer sells Guardians of the Galaxy as an action-packed riot, suggesting the final product might actually manage to deliver a successful blend of comedy, thrills and honest drama.      

Let’s Be Cops

If you’ve been keeping up with the red- and green-band trailers for Let’s Be Cops, you’ve already seen two or three promos for it. The fun should be wearing off, but it’s not, and that’s a very good sign for the final film. Not only does the recycled footage still play well, signifying the film may have a rewatchable quality, but the new material is amusing, too, suggesting there could be more than enough solid gags to support a promotional campaign without spoiling the fun of the full feature. 

Dolphin Tale 2

Dolphin Tale is a heartwarming story about a group of people trying to save an injured dolphin. The film may be juvenile and cheesy at times, but when you see Winter zipping around with her new prosthetic tail, it’s impossible not to get chills. The same is true of this Dolphin Tale 2 trailer. The overabundance of smiles, pep and giggles, the super-silly jokes and that incredibly tacky slow-motion shot of Harry Connick Jr. running with the baby dolphin in his arms will have you rolling your eyes, but if you don’t have a grin on your face the moment the chorus of Basic Vacation’s “I Believe” kicks in, it might be because you don’t have a heart.           

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

This final trailer for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes doesn’t just run through the basics of the battle that’s bound to break out. It also gives you a comprehensive sense of what both sides are fighting for. The piece then pulls you even further into that prewar scenario by letting a moment breathe, and a particularly unnerving one at that. By the time the promo launches into the montage of combat, destruction and firepower, you’re so invested that the action is much more than mere spectacle. Everything that’s happening in those frames is stunning, but also has value.

What are your favorite movie trailers of the week?




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