The Best and Worst Movie Presidents

The Best and Worst Movie Presidents

Jul 20, 2016

The current political climate in the U.S. is, to put it nicely, insane. It doesn't matter what side of the aisle you're on. It doesn't matter who you're voting for. It doesn't even matter if you're eligible to vote. 2016 is simply a crazy, unpredictable year for politics.

We could all use a bit of a break from the madness that is the current election cycle, and what better way than to escape into a movie? Fandango polled over a thousand fans about their favorite fictional U.S. presidents and the results are kind of great.


1. Harrison Ford (President James Marshall), Air Force One

2. Morgan Freeman (President Tom Beck), Deep Impact

3. Michael Douglas (President Andrew Shepherd), The American President

4. Bill Pullman (President Thomas J. Whitmore), Independence Day

5. Jamie Foxx (President James Sawyer), White House Down

6. Robin Williams (President Tom Dobbs), Man of the Year

7. Kevin Kline (Presidential Stand-in Dave Kovic), Dave

8. James Earl Jones (President Douglass Dilman), The Man

9. Sela Ward (President Elizabeth Lanford), Independence Day: Resurgence

10. Michael Keaton (President John Mackenzie), First Daughter


Obviously Air Force One was going to place high on the list, but we are a bit surprised the speech from Independence Day didn't bump it for the top spot. It's also great to see some forgotten fake presidents in there as well, like James Earl Jones in The Man and Michael Keaton in First Daughter.

If you want to remain maddened by politicians, Fandango also crowd sourced a list of characters fans wouldn't want as president.


1. Charlie Sheen (President Rathcock), Machete Kills

2. Leslie Nielsen (President Baxter Harris), Scary Movie 4

3. John Travolta (Presidential Candidate Jack Stanton), Primary Colors

4. Peter Sellers (President Merkin Muffley), Dr. Strangelove

5. Jack Nicholson (President James Dale), Mars Attacks!

6. Terry Crews (President Dwayne Camacho), Idiocracy

7. George Clooney (Presidential Candidate Mike Morris), The Ides of March

8. Dennis Quaid, (President Joseph Staton), American Dreamz

9. Martin Sheen (Presidential Contender Greg Stillson), Stephen King's The Dead Zone

10. Gene Hackman (President Allen Richmond), Absolute Power


We're a bit surprised anyone even remembers Machete Kills yet alone the fact that Charlie Sheen played the president, but apparently his brief screen time was traumatic enough to leave quite the impression. Also, we're glad to see Idiocracy get some recognition, even if the movie seems dangerously close to reality these days.

If that list has you in the mood to watch any of those movies, you can easily rent or buy them on FandangoNow: The Best Movie Presidents and The Worst Movie Presidents.

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