Your Top Three: Favorite Movie Monsters

Your Top Three: Favorite Movie Monsters

Jan 25, 2014

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It's very smart for Hollywood to not outdo itself. If it ever makes a Frankenstein movie better than James Whale's 1931 classic then how will it keep selling that 83-year-old movie over and over again through the generations? As long as it remains the best, it has a life. That doesn't explain why I, Frankenstein is so bad, though. Why would Lionsgate want to aid in the benefit of Universal, which owns the '31 version? Must just have to do with the new movie being a whole different story involving the same monster.

How many of us love Mary Shelley's creation enough to follow him over different adaptations and retellings and offshoots? For that matter, who among us has any favorite movie monster that is more like a movie star than a character, one that can always sell us on more moves even if they're successively worse and worse? Maybe Godzilla? Possibly Jason Voorhees. Definitely the broad scope of all and any zombies. Dracula is a pretty consistent draw, I suppose.

Your favorite movie monsters don't have to be those you'd follow even into installments set in space or "the hood" or where they're represented in very poor CGI, but I'm making that my priority. And just to show that my picks don't mean I necessarily unconditionally love all the crap I'm willing to put up with, I'm pairing each with their best movie. 

Here are my top three movie monsters:

1. Xenomorph, Alien

They can keep making Alien movies, whether sequels or prequels or spin-off matchups or whatever, and I will be there so long as they keep the design the same. None will ever be as good as Ridley Scott's original, but these creatures are still the scariest monsters ever invented for the movies and have remained so in every one of their appearances.

2. The Blob, The Blob (1988)

I don't think you could even change the design of the Blob, aside from when he's given a face and employed in an animated family film. I'm also surprised there haven't been more Blob movies. The '88 remake has slowly been gaining newfound appreciation, so hopefully soon he'll (she'll?) resurface through the cracks. 

3. Freddy Krueger, A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

The monster I grew up with, and the one I prefer as more of a fantasy-film bad guy than a truly scary horror-flick kind. The original is pretty great, but I love the wisecracking Freddy and his clever tricks in this fun superteam-based installment, which was a big upturn after the terrible Freddy's Revenge. Still haven't seen the remake.

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