The Best 'Jackass' Stunts, from the Alligator Tightrope to the Beehive Limo

The Best 'Jackass' Stunts, from the Alligator Tightrope to the Beehive Limo

Oct 23, 2013

The Jackass guys claim to be good pals, but they're not very nice to each other. And when it comes to theatrical outings, their trademark disregard for each other's safety comes across in the biggest way possible. In honor of Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa, which is sure to have a bevy of great bits as well, here are some of the best Jackass pranks to grace movie screens.


Alligator Tightrope

Usually throwing alligators into a situation automatically raises stakes to life or death. Somehow Steve-O finds an in-between as he tightrope walks above a whole pit of prehistoric chompers. When he falls in, as he inevitably must, you pretty much figure that's the end for this beloved figure. But then nothing happens. So the boys put raw steak in his underwear and hope for the best.


Hardware Store Toilet

The brilliance of this prank is not so much that Dave England plans to poop in a hardware store's display toilet. That's the kind of thing you or I could have come up with. What elevates this to the Jackass level is the fact that England held his poop for so long in preparation that he accidentally poops his pants on the way to the store. That's special.


April's Alligator

If the first Jackass film had a leitmotif, it was alligators. Not only does Steve-O come face to face with some, but the gang decides to shove one in Bam's mother's face, too. April Margera enters her house just like it's any other day, only to find a huge alligator waiting for her in her kitchen. She watches it for a bit, then takes off in a terrified panic because she's not an idiot.


Terror Taxi

There is so much going on in "Terror Taxi." The idea is that Ehren McGhehey dresses like a terrorist and makes an unsuspecting cab driver believe he's on his way to blow up a plane. But, of course, the cab driver is an actor. He violently turns the tables on McGhehey, who now truly believes his life is in danger, making this sketch both fascinating and hilarious. And the cherry on top: McGhehey's fake beard is made out of everyone's pubic hair.


The Switcheroo

Bam's dad is a fat guy. Preston Lacy is a fat guy. So why not pull a switch on Bam's mom while she's asleep? While nothing all that extreme happens - Preston cuddles up to April, and it takes her a few moments to realize he's not her husband - this prank has a gross psychological element to it that makes it one of the best conceived bits they've ever done.


Beehive Limo

Ryan Dunn, Wee-Man, Steve-O and Dave England are all in a limousine on their way to what they think is just a photo shoot. Instead, Bam Margera and Johnny Knoxville lock the doors and dump a bunch of bees into the sunroof. This prank is great for several reasons. One, it's super mean. Two, Jackass crew members are not exempt from the bee stings. And three, just when they think they've escaped the limo, they're forced to run over a bunch of dangerous marbles.


The Fart Mask

There's not a whole lot to this one. Steve-O wears a kind of astronaut helmet, and Preston Lacy fills it with his own farts, which are awful enough that Steve-O pukes. It all sounds pretty standard. But then Lacy makes it legendary by actually laying a poo into the fart funnel.


The Poo Cocktail Supreme

The Jackass guys want to make you sick, and they aren't above using blunt-force trauma to make it happen. In this bit, Steve-O sits inside a much-used porta potties as it's catapulted into the air. Obviously, this covers him in tons of flying fecal matter, all beautifully captured in 3D. Steve-O pukes, the crew pukes, we all puke together.


The Sweatsuit Cocktail

Even with flying portable toilets on the table, this might be the most disgusting thing the Jackass guys ever did in a film. Preston Lacy works out while wearing a plastic suit that directs all his sweat into a glass that Steve-O must gulp down. He gives it a try but throws up for his troubles. Getting covered in poop is one thing, but this one haunts my dreams to this day.


Pit of Snakes

Another fake-out prank. Bam thinks he's on top of the world, about to inflict Rocky Balboa-style punishment on Jackass 3D director Jeff Tremaine. Instead, he falls into a hidden pit and gets covered with a gazillion live snakes. Bam is afraid of snakes. Not a little afraid, either, but full-on freak-out afraid. The results are almost too mean to watch.




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