This Is the Best 'Iron Man 3' Poster So Far

This Is the Best 'Iron Man 3' Poster So Far

Apr 30, 2013

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As our own Jacob S. Hall mentioned when he linked to the poster on Twitter, this is the best Iron Man 3 poster because it's the one that most accurately represents the kind of movie it is. With Shane Black (Lethal Weapon, The Last Action Hero, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) at the helm, he's infused the third Iron Man movie with many of his own sensibilities, which include a lot of physical action, memorable explosions and a hard-boiled detective vibe not unlike his previous film, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

In fact both movies open with a similar voiceover, where the main character begins to recount the events of a major life-altering experience -- much like the opening of Sunset Blvd., which was Black's main inspiration for the opening of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. And like those movies Iron Man 3 feels very much like an old mystery novel you can't put down, with its twists, turns, heroes, villains, love interests and backstabbing characters. 

Iron Man 3 is distinct in its retro vision, and while much of it feels like it's paying homage to something that came before, there's still plenty of creative surprises and risky decisions that completely work in favor of the film. It may not be as beloved as The Avengers, but it's definitely just as entertaining, especially if you grew up with a lot of the old-school action movies Shane Black touched in the late '80s and early '90s. We dug it lots.

And since we know you're jonesing for more, here's 16 minutes of behind-the-scenes footage to keep you busy.


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