International Trailer Domination Tour: Wong Kar Wai, French Sci-Fi, Rabbit Horror 3D and More

International Trailer Domination Tour: Wong Kar Wai, French Sci-Fi, Rabbit Horror 3D and More

Jul 29, 2011

Twitch Film and once again present the International Trailer Domination Tour, a selection of the best – and occasionally the worst – trailers from upcoming international films. We took a wee break last week while I was off at the Fantasia Festival in Montreal but we’re back now with dystopic French science fiction, the latest from Wong Kar Wai, a Christmas angel with great big guns, a lady in a bunny suit and Panic Room re-imagined as a love triangle. Here we go!

1. Pastorela by Emilio Portes, Mexico.

My heart holds a special the irreverent Christmas movie. Everything from Gremlins to A Christmas Story to Die Hard lives there and Mexican writer-director Emilio Portes is hoping to join that list with his upcoming Pastorela. It’s the story of a small parish thrown into disarray when a new priest re-casts their annual Christmas play and the guy who usually gets to play the devil ... well, let’s just say he’s not real happy.

2. Carre Blanc by Jean-Baptiste Leonetti, France

There seems to be something of a global movement afoot right now, one determined to remind people that science fiction can be more than space battles, laser blasts and things blowing up real good. Duncan Jones has driven a good chunk of the movement in the English speaking world and France’s Jean-Baptiste Leonetti is throwing a new wrinkle in with his upcoming Carre Blanc. It’s a near-future dystopic tale, one that plays out like Kafka meets Huxley with a grim sense of humor. I’ve actually had the chance to see the complete film already and I have no trouble at all saying that it’s brilliant.

3. The Grand Masters by Wong Kar Wai, Hong Kong / China

The story of Ip Man – the great master of the Wing Chun school of kung fu and one time master of Bruce Lee – has been a popular one of late. Wilson Yip directed two hugely popular films about him with Donnie Yen in the lead role and now arthouse auteur Wong Kar Wai is finally nearing completion on his own long rumored version, The Grand Masters. WKW has cast regular leading man Tony Leung in the lead and while nobody really knows how close to being finished the film really is – WKW being a notorious perfectionist who frequently works without scripts – the arrival of an official trailer brings hope that it’s close.

4. Rabbit Horror 3D by Takashi Shimizu and Christopher Doyle, Japan

And speaking of Wong Kar Wai, one familiar name not involved in The Grand Masters is frequent collaborator Christopher Doyle. That would be because the acclaimed cinematographer was in Japan, instead, working on Rabbit Horror 3D with The Grudge director Takashi Shimizu. And this one is just plain weird. A sort of spin off from Shimizu’s previous The Shock Labyrinth this one revolves around a young woman trying to save her little brother from dark forces after he bashes a rabbit to death with a brick. The forces in question? Embodied by a woman in a fuzzy rabbit suit. They play this entirely seriously. Weird, weird, weird.

5. The Bunker by Andres Baiz, Spain / Colombia

Take some core elements from David Fincher’s Panic Room and re-imagine them within a jealousy-fueled love triangle and you’re not too far off from what Andres Baiz is doing with The Bunker. What would be worse than having another woman moving in on your man? How about being locked up in a secret room where you have to watch it happening? Spain’s got a history of producing high end, high concept, super classy thrillers and this looks to be another one.

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