'House Party' Remake Details, Plus Our Favorite Scenes from the Original

'House Party' Remake Details, Plus Our Favorite Scenes from the Original

Aug 28, 2012

Last we heard of a House Party remake, it was February of this year and Nick Cannon was the one interested in returning to the franchise. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) Cannon instead decided to veer off in a different direction, opting to cowrite and direct School Dance, due out next year. But that doesn't mean we won't be getting another House Party movie, as Moviehole tells us production will begin next month in South Africa on House Party: Tonight's the Night, which will be one of the final movies produced under WB's now-shuttered Warner Premiere label.

The (direct-to-video?) reboot will once again focus on a music-loving duo who have their differences (one is wild, the other a bit more restrained) and, yes, they eventually decide to throw a house party. This time, though, they throw the party in order to entice a record exec to come since one of them has dreams of becoming a rapper. Other throwbacks to the original will come in the form of a crazy DJ (in this version he's a high-strung Hispanic), and there will be a love interest who's dating someone else. No word on who's playing who yet since casting is currently underway.

Naturally news of the remake had us nerding out over the original 1990 comedy starring Kid and Play. This writer was a 13-year-old hip-hop junkie at the time, and so House Party quickly became a movie I watched dozens of times. The franchise would eventually go on to spawn four movies -- with Kid and Play starring in three of them -- but none of them were ever able to top the fun of the original, which also featured one of Martin Lawrence's first (and best) big-screen roles, as well as memorable turns from George Clinton and, our personal favorite, the great Robin Harris. 

House Party, unlike other party movies of its time, is more than just quirky character moments. It features a bunch of heart, great music, memorable dance numbers and some of the better performances we've seen from a pair of hip-hop performers doubling as high schoolers looking to have a good time. The side characters are amusing to no end (we're looking at you Groove and Chill), and the set design -- which pops with the sort of vibrant color that screams early '90s -- is familiar and funky. Plus, just as Kid did in the movie, it was impossible for a teen boy such as myself not to crush on both Sidney (Tisha Campbell-Martin) and Sharane (A.J. Johnson). 

As is usually customary with party movies, most of the film's best scenes come during the actual party. However, House Party entertains like gangbusters throughout, bringing us great moments like this one featuring George Clinton deejaying a stuffy party full of wealthy folk.

And speaking of Groove and Chill, who were also semi-successful hip-hop artists back in the day, here's a little of their antics right before one the film's most memorable scenes.

This was Kid and Play's time to shine, though, and while each had their own special moment apart, House Party is at its strongest when the duo are together.

So where are Kid and Play these days? Well, believe it or not but they're grandparents, though that's not stopping them from reaching back to those House Party days all these years later. Here they are celebrating the film's 20th anniversary in 2010 at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Tell us about your favorite House Party memories below ...


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